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Does your company use Social Media?
Do you have a success story to share?
Do you have horror stories?
is a one day event for anyone wanting to share and expand their knowledge of digital media. It's for businesses, social enterprises and individuals who are curious about the digital phenomenon wanting to learn more. 

The aim of the event is to share, explore, challenge and build understanding in digital media, look to future sustainability and understanding of how the internet can be a valuable asset to everyone.

Veterans and newcomers alike can learn about audio and video, podcasting and web streaming, blogging, cloud computing, mobile media, geolocation, business amplification, virtual worlds, Second Life, Twitter and other social media tools. Hear stories from the users, pioneers, practitioners and business leaders. Tell your story.

At MediaCampNottingham the schedule is written by you.  Sign up, suggest a discussion session or deliver a presentation. Come and share your ideas and passion.

This is the fourth MediaCamp to take place in Nottingham, following the model of other participant led barcamp events throughout the world.

Previous MediaCampNottingham days
Here's what happened at MediaCampNottingham 1 in May 2009.

MediaCampNottingham 2 final report from 27 March 2010

Lace Market House - A quick glance at the venue
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