Medela Pump In Style Faceplate Replacement

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medela pump in style faceplate replacement
medela pump in style faceplate replacement - Medela Diaphragm
Medela Diaphragm Cap Faceplate Pump In Style Advanced 9V DC #6007132
Medela Diaphragm Cap Faceplate Pump In Style Advanced 9V DC #6007132
The bottom right of the faceplate reads 9V DC max. If your faceplate looks similar to this one but reads 12V DC max., this is not the appropriate faceplate. The 12V DC faceplate is sold separately. The tubing required for this faceplate is #8007212 / #87212 and is sold separately. Yellow faceplate for the Pump In Style Advanced breastpump (backpack model #57062 or shoulder bag model #57062, or On-The-Go Tote model #57063), and Metro Bag (model #57036) manufactured after Jan 2008. The front side has 5 holes for the On-Off/Min-Max dial for vacuum adjustment, the power cord, the Natural Expression button, and two prongs to attach the tubing. This item is not available in retail packaging. Manufacturer provides this item in bulk packaging. Individual items are packed in new/ unused polythene bags that are sealed for our customers.

Craig Donges Faceplate
Craig Donges Faceplate
I bought this faceplate casting from Craig Donges and finished it myself. It is on my South Bend lathe, an early workshop model - 405-Y. The early workshop models are threaded 1 3/8 x 10, and the faceplate casting seems intended for 1 1/2 x 8 but careful alignment and indicating from the outside rim allowed me to clean up the bore to 1.260, which is just right for threading 1.375. This was the first thing I ever threaded, and I was quite convinced that I was going to turn this nice casting into a paperweight, but it worked out! After doing most of the lathe work with carbide insert bits, I ground a hss bit to put a nice finish on the face, then cut grooves every .500 as a visual reference.
Faceplate 01
Faceplate 01
Lamentablemente no tengo fotos del principio (aunque tampoco tenia mucho interes esa parte, la verdad XD). Asi es como quedo ayer (2? dia de trabajo). Unfortunately I didn't take pics when I started this project (anyway I think it wasn't very "interesting" at first). This is the faceplate at the end of the second working day.
medela pump in style faceplate replacement
medela pump in style faceplate replacement
Maymom AC adapter for Medela's Pump In Style Advanced, Traveler, or Companion; Medela Power Transformer Part # 9207010, 9V Model; Safe, Light, Compact & Efficient
Please look at your original Medela AC adapter or faceplate first to see if it says "9V" or "9VDC". If so, this adapter will work. If it says 12V, this adapter will not give it enough power. A 9V adapter will likely slow your 12V pump. If you have a Pump In Style pump that says "12V" on the faceplate or on its adapter, you need to order a different adapter. (Search for ASIN B008W8429W) This 9V adapter is 100% compatible with your 9V Medela Pump in Style pumps, or your money back! It is a replacement part for Medela Article # 9207010. If you are to travel to overseas, purchase a plug change (e.g. ASIN B000YN01X4). You can use this adapter world-wide with appropriate plugs.