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Monthly Journals
Academic Medicine (86 vols) (U of A link)
Medical Education (45 vols) (U of A link)
Medical Teacher (33 vols) (U of A link)

Quarterly Journals (4-6 issues/yr)
Journal of Surgical Education (68 vols) (U of A link)
Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (31 vols) (U of A link)
Teaching and Learning in Medicine (21 vols) (U of A link)
Journal of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (21 vols)
Advances in Health Sciences Education (16 vols) (U of A link)
The Clinical Teacher (4 vols) (U of A link)
Journal of Graduate Medical Education (3 vols)

Online/ Open Access Journals (# of total articles Dec 11)
Medical Education Online (16 vols)
BMC Medical Education (11 vols, Bio Med Central)
Canadian Medical Education Journal (2 vols, 40 articles)
International Journal of Medical Education (2 vols, 50 articles)
Journal of Advances in Medical Education & Practice (annual, 2 Vols, 40 articles)
(larger list here)

Medical Education Societies

Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada
Association for the Study of Medical Education
Association for Medical Education in Europe
Association for Surgical Education
Canadian Association for Medical Education
Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education
Association of American Medical Colleges
Liaison Committee on Medical Education

Upcoming Meetings

AMEE, Glasgow, summer 2010

Great Teaching Resources

Practice Based Preceptor
Practical Professor
Med Ed World

Future meeting Dates and Presenters




 Fri Oct 14, noon

Liam Rourke    Anna Oswald
 Tues Nov 8, 4:30 
 Liam Rourke Anna Oswald
 Fri Dec 9, noon Liam Rourke Rachel Milner
 Tues Jan 10, 4:30  Liam Rourke      Anna Oswald
 Fri Feb 10, noon Bruce Fisher     Anna Oswald
 Tues Mar 13, 4:30 Liam Rourke     Jonathan White
 Fri Apr 13, 4:30  pre-CCME   pre-CCME
 Tues May 8, 4:30    
 Fri June 8, noon    

What is it? A brand new medical education journal club! New month in review format means 2 presenters will comb the latest editions of the top med ed journals and bring you 5 minute summaries of the top articles. Led by Dr Anna Oswald on behalf of the Office of Education.

Who is it for? Faculty, Trainees and support staff who are interested in what’s going on in Medical Education Literature

Where will it be? location varies, often in 2F1.07 UAH

When will it be? Monthly approx alternating Tuesday/Fridays

To volunteer as a presenter:
email Liam Rourke (

What will be required of presenters?