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Prayer Requests

This section is no longer updated on a regular basis.  Instead, the prayer requests are generally addressed in the "blog" section.

***Updated Saturday, August 9***

Callie is back in the hospital again with continued heart/lung issues.  Thank you for praying for her healing.

***Updated Monday, June 16***

Praise God that Callie has been home for over two weeks now!  Join us in thanking Him for His goodness and His grace!  

Pray for our adjustments in living together as a family again.  Pray that we will continue to be more comfortable with Callie's care - the special dietary formulas, the medications, the nebulizer, the pulse oximeter, the oxygen tanks/concentrator, the nasal cannula, the feeding tube, the feeding pump, etc.   

***Updated, Tuesday, May 27, 2008***

Praise God that Callie has had several good days in a row.  Although her surgery was a success, her weight gain is still a major struggle.  Pray that she would begin putting on the weight that she needs.  If she is able to pass a few tests in the coming days, she may be given the green-light for coming home.  Join us in praying that her tests go well and that our family is able to fully prepare for her homecoming.

***Updated, Saturday, May 10, 2008***

Join us in thanking God that Callie has had a good week.  Her weight gain, though not stellar, has been acceptable.  She is scheduled for surgery Tuesday morning to repair her hernias and have a g-tube (feeding tube) placed in her stomach.  Pray that this surgery would be successful and that she would be able to come off the ventilator quickly after the procedure. 

***Updated, Monday, April 28, 2008***

Callie's lungs and nutrition continue to be her two biggest issues.  Join us in praying that her lungs would heal and that her oxygen needs would decrease.  Also, pray with us that Callie would be able to get the nutrition she needs so that she can gain much-needed weight.

***Updated, Thursday, April 17, 2008***

Praise God that Callie has now gained wieght four days in a row!  Also praise him that her test for cystic fibrosic came back negative!  While she still has a long way to go, the past couple of days have been most encouraging.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

***Updated, Monday, April 14, 2008***

The last prayer request update was over three weeks ago, and today's requests are still the same.  Callie's nutrition and weight gain issues are still ever-present.  Please pray that the doctors and nutritionists would be able to find the source of her difficulties and correct the problem.  Thank you for your continued prayers for Jason, Kelli, and Wyatt, as they struggle with living so far apart.  Although the journey continues to be a difficult one, we continue to praise God for his faithfulness.

***Updated, Saturday, March 22, 2008***

Callie is still struggling to gain weight.  Please pray that the doctors would be able to figure out why this is so that the problem can be corrected.  Also pray for Jason, Kelli, and Wyatt as they continue to walk this journey, as it continues to be difficult to live apart.  Callie has spent twenty weeks in the NICU now, and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. 

***Updated Wednesday, March 12, 2008***

Join us in praising God that Callie now has full use of her (fully connected) intestines.  Also praise Him that Callie's eyes seem to have gotten better so that she will not need corrective surgery.  Please pray for her weight gain.  She is receiving the maximum amount of feedings that she can, and yet in the past five days she has gained only ten grams total.  (She needs to be gaining about 20 grams per day). 

***Updated Wednesday, February 20, 2008***

Callie is having her takedown surgery at 9:30 tomorrow morning. Please pray for the surgeons that will be performing the surgery. Her intestines are still quite small and it will be a delicate operation. Please pray that Callie does well through surgery and recovers quickly. She will be on the ventilator again and we are praying she will be able to come off quickly. She will also be receiving a Broviac line that will allow for more permanent IV access so pray that this line will not get infected and that Callie will not pull it. Please pray that Callie's intestines will heal well from the surgery and we will have no other issues with her bowels.  

***Updated Monday, February 4, 2008***

Callie is experiencing a host of issues right now.  Her feedings have been suspended.  She is on antibiotics.  She has taken a step backwards in breathing and has moved from the nasal cannula to the CPAP.  The pic line (that was taking the place of a surgically-inserted Broviac line) got infected and had to be removed.  She has had virtually no weight gain in the past several days.  The list seems to go on and on.  Please pray for Callie and her medical concerns.  Pray also for Kelli as she spends time in Minneapolis away from Jason and Wyatt.  When we are struggling, God remains faithful, and we continue to praise Him for that.

***Updated Friday, January 25, 2008***

Thank you for continued prayer for our family.  Please pray with us about the following:  1. Callie's feedings.  Perhaps the most pressing issue at the time, Callie really needs to fully digest the food she is being given, and this is not currently happening.  2. Callie's eyes.  While her condition has not worsened to the point of nearing surgery, the condition has not improved, either.  3. Callie's genetic screening and tests.  Twice now (out of three times) she has shown elevated markers for cystic fibrosis.  While she has NOT been diagnosed with CF, she has shown some indication that this might be a reality for her in the future.

***Updated Saturday, January 12, 2008***

Join us in thanking God for the following:  1. Callie is feeling much better after her infection and her lungs are less congested.  2.  Her feedings have gone well and have been increased.  3.  Her latest eye exam showed that the issues with her eyes have not worsened. 

Please pray with us about the following:  1.  Callie's lungs, although much better, still have a long way to go.  Her lungs need to get strong enough for her to be taken off the ventilator.  2.  She still needs to increase her feedings a lot in order to gain much-needed size and weight.  3.  The concerns with her eyes would not worsen as time goes on.  

***Updated Tuesday, January 8, 2008 8:00 AM***

We learned this morning that Callie had a less-than-ideal night.  Her oxygen needs continued to rise through the night until she was requiring 100%.  She is back on antibiotics this morning and has also started another round of steroids for her lungs.  We aren't sure what is causing her sudden increase in breathing difficulty, but we pray that the medications address the problem.  Right now her lungs are the most pressing concern, so please pray for healing.

***Updated Tuesday, January 1, 2008 11:30 PM***

We just found out that Callie has developed an infection in her lungs (pneumonia).  This is a pretty large step back after she has had several good days in a row.  She has been started on antibiotics to treat the infection.  Please pray for healing for her little lungs.  Pray that the infection can be treated and that her lungs are able to grow stronger.  Pray that this is a small setback that can be overcome in the days ahead.

***Updated Friday, December 21, 2007 2:40 PM***

Praise God that the surgery went well.  Callie is resting now, and she has already begun expelling waste from the revised stoma.  Thank you for your continued prayer for healing for our daughter.

***Updated Friday, December 21, 2007***

Callie is still scheduled for surgery today at 1:00.  Praise God that she has been resting well and recovering from her last surgery four days ago.  Thank you for your continued prayers as she undergoes another operation today to correct the blocked stoma.   

***Updated Friday, December 14, 2007***

Callie's fingertips are looking a bit better.  It is still something that will just take time to tell, but the fact that they are not as black is encouraging.  Please continue to pray for healing for her fingers.

The doctor spoke with Kelli this morning and told her that it looks like Callie is having more digestive problems.  Her stoma is possibly obstructed.  The surgeon who did the operation has stopped by to look at Callie this morning.  Our understanding is that the issue will try to be resolved without surgery first, but that she may eventually need another surgery to correct the problem.  Thank you for your continued prayer for healing for her body - especially her fingers, digestive tract, and lungs.

***Updated Tuesday, December 4, 2007***

During surgery yesterday, Callie had an arterial line placed in her arm to help monitor her blood pressure throughout surgery. Because Callie’s veins and arteries are so small, the line slowed the flow of blood to her arm below the elbow. Although the line was removed very soon after surgery, when we first saw Callie, her arm was a yucky deep purple color. Throughout last night, with the help of a nitroglycerin gel, the circulation to her arm increased and it returned to a more normal color. However, as of today, the pulse in Callie’s forearm is weak and Callie’s middle three fingertips are still purple/black. The nitroglycerin gel is still being applied with hopes the circulation will return even more. The doctors and surgeons who are looking after Callie seems to think the circulation to her forearm is okay and that there is still circulation to her nailbeds. There is concern about the fingertips. If the circulation does not return, we have been told the tips will basically scab over and fall off. Jason and I would appreciate prayers for Callie’s circulation to return to her forearm and especially her fingertips. This is not a side effect of the surgery we were told about (it very rarely happens) or were expecting so it has been really hard for me, as a mom, to see her little black fingertips. We have been told only time will tell us the outcome of this decreased circulation. We are going to pray that her fingers will be completely healed and the circulation will return.

***Updated Monday, December 3, 007***

Callie's surgery went pretty well.  Join us in thanking God that the surgeons were able to pinpoint the location of the problems and address them during the procedure.  Please pray for her continued healing and recovery from surgery.   

***Updated Friday, November 30, 2007***

We found out today that Callie is scheduled for surgery on Monday.  The issues with her digestive system did not resolve themselves so surgery is needed to correct the problem.  She has an interruption in her bowels, so food that starts its way through her system is not able to complete the journey.  

Please pray that her surgery goes well.  We are told that it is somewhat routine surgery, but it is still an operation nonetheless. 

***Updated Tuesday, November 27, 2007***

Thank you again so much for your continued prayer support.  Callie had been making some small improvements but had some difficulties last night that required her ventilator to be placed on a much higher setting.  She will very likely be given additional steroids in the near future to help her lung development.  Please pray that this goes well.  Additionally, please pray that she will be able to resume her feedings.  They have currently been stopped due to her body's difficulties in digesting the milk, but having the additional nutrients (and opportunities to gain weight) would be very helpful for her.

***Updated Friday, November 23, 3007***

Please pray for Callie’s continued healing. Her lungs are looking better but are still not healthy. There is still no way to know what issues, if any, she will have long term. We are still praying for complete healing. Also pray for a duct that is close to her heart to close the rest of the way. All babies are born with this duct open and it typically closes shortly after birth but with some preemies it doesn’t close and blood will bypass the lungs. Callie’s was close to closing but a heart murmur can still be heard so it is either still closing or is possibly even getting larger. While she is not having any major issues with this opening now, it does need to close completely. Please pray that when feedings are resumed, Callie’s body will realize what to do with the food and she will begin digesting it and eliminating it. She really needs to be able to process milk, both for the nutrients and to help her gain weight. 

Please pray for Wyatt, as he now has a mommy who is a little more “hands on” for the first time since August. I (Kelli) really don’t think he knows what to think of this and it is hard for me since we use to have a great time staying at home together. It will still be months before I am able to be a stay at home mom to Wyatt again, but we could use the prayers now as we just get more comfortable with being around each other again.

***Updated Saturday, November 17, 2007***

While Callie had done well for a couple of days, she began having additional difficulties late yesterday afternoon.  Her complications have continued through last night and this morning.  While her oxygen levels continue to look good, her body is having a difficult time getting rid of carbon dioxide.  Several different interventions have been tried but have not yet been successful.  She is beginning a steriod treatment today to try to help with the situation, but those treatments can give way to a wide range of side effects.  Please pray that the treatments will be effective and that few, if any, side effects occur.

***Updated Wednesday, November 14, 2007***

I think it goes without saying, but please continue to pray for Callie's body to grow stronger each day.  She has made some small (very small) steps in the right direction, but she has a tremendous distance left to go.  The biggest obstacle right now seems to be her lung development.  Her ventilator has to be set on relatively high pressure for her to get the oxygen her body needs.  However, continued high pressure can cause permanent injury to her lungs.  Please pray that her lungs would grow stronger and more mature so that less pressure can be used on her ventilator.

***Updated Thursday, November 8, 2007***

Priase God that Callie had a pretty good day today.  She is still very sick and experiencing many of the complications that accompany her premature birth.  However, she had several small successes today that were very encouraging.  Callie's urine output, blood pressure, and oxygen levels were all a little better than yesterday, and for that we praise the One who knew her before she was born.

Please continue to pray for healing for our little girl, Callie.  Today was definitely encouraging, but we know she still has a long road ahead of her. 

Thank you so much for your prayers for our family. 

***Updated Tuesday, November 6, 2007***

As we continue together on this journey, please pray for the following:  a good report from Wednesday morning's ultrasound - that Callie and Berkley show little to no bleeding in and around the brain; healing for the girls' lungs - their air sacs are very immature due to the early births, and they need time to grow and develop; and less fluid retention for Berkley - she has been having difficulty processing fluids, making her appear quite "puffy" and swollen. 

***Updated Sunday, November 4, 2007***

Kelli had a C section this morning and delivered the babies.  Baby D lived only a few minutes after delivery.  Babies B and C are in the NICU.  Please pray for strength for Babies B and C.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses, that they will make the correct decisions over the next several days and weeks as they care for the precious babies.  Pray for strength for the family as they continue to walk this journey.  Thank you for lifting our family up in prayer.  It is greatly appreciated.

***Updated Saturday, November 3, 2007***

Kelli's next major ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, November 5.  At this time, the blood flow of the babies will be examined again, and the weights of the babies will be estimated to see how much they have grown.  Please pray that the blood flow would still look good for all three babies.  Also, pray that all three (especially Baby D, who has been the furthest behind in growth) would have shown marked weight gain over the past several days.

Thank you for your continued prayer.  The longer the babies wait before being born, the better off they will be.  Join us in thanking God for each day that passes, and pray that they will continue to stay put for several more weeks.

***Updated Tuesday, October 30, 9:30 PM***

Kelli had an ultrasound today.  Babies B and C are still doing well.  Baby D is still lagging behind.  Please pray that all the babies will continue to grow and mature, especially Baby D.  Pray for Kelli as she remains on bed rest in the hospital, that she would remain in good spirits and in good health as she spends so much time away from her family.  Please pray that the babies would all have several more weeks of growth and development before birth.  Kelli has had a much greater appetite recently and has eaten a lot of food, yet she has lost some weight.  Pray that she would be able to continue taking in the nutrition she needs for a healthy weight gain.

***Updated Wednesday, October 24, 9:45 PM***

It looks like Kelli is beginning to stablize a bit more, so Jason should be able to return to Fargo for a few days while she remains on bed rest in the hospital.  Please pray that the babies continue to grow and develop, and that they are able to remain inside for several more weeks before they are delivered.  They are just now crossing into the point of viability, and the longer they are able to stay inside before delivery, the better their chances of survival after birth.  There is still some concern for Baby D's growth as she remains quite small.  Your continued prayers for her are much appreciated. 

***Updated Sunday, October 21, 10:30 PM***

After talking with Kelli's doctor tonight, it was decided that Kelli would be admitted to the hospital tomorrow morning.  Hopefully, the schedule will allow the ultrasound to be moved from Tuesday to tomorrow as well. 

Please pray for strength for Kelli, as she transitions from the hotel to the hospital.  Pray that the upcoming ultrasound would bring good news.  Continue to pray for strength and healing of the babies, particularly Baby D.

***Updated Friday, October 19, 8:30 PM***

Today's doctor visit brought good news and bad news.  The doctor was pleased with Kelli's health.  Her blood pressure and heart rate were great, and she has gained some of the weight that the doctors were hoping she would.  Unfortunately, the ultrasound revealed that there are still some concerns with the health of the babies, especially Baby D. 

Another appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, October 23 and the determination will be made at that time if Kelli will need to move out of the hotel and into the hospital to be monitored on a constant basis.

Please pray for the health of the babies, especially healing for Baby D.  Pray that all of them will gain weight quickly in case the decision is made for them to be born in the near future. 

***Updated Thursday, October 11, 7:45 PM***

We had another ultrasound today -- three hearts were beating.  Babies B and C were both doing quite well.  The doctor was a little concerned that Baby D had very little fluid in her bladder and very little amniotic fluid around her.  We are told that this is not a major concern as of right now, because the surgery was only one week ago and these things take time.  However, it is a little nerve wracking given the circumstances we have been through over the last few days.  Kelli is scheduled for another ultrasound on Friday, October 19 to check on the progress of Baby D.

Join us in thanking God for three heartbeats.  Also, praise Him for a good report on Babies B and C.  Please join us in praying for Baby D -- that she would continue to grow and develop and that next week's ultrasound would show a marked improvement over this week's. 

***Updated Sunday, October 7, 6:30 PM (Eastern Time)***

Another ultrasound this morning.  Again, three hearts beating.  Thanks be to God!

Kelli has felt better today, but is still struggling with both pain and nausea.  Please pray that she would feel better.  Her appetite is lacking, but she needs to take in lots of high-calorie foods for the benefit of the babies.  Though her IV had been removed, the doctors are having it replaced due to her inability to eat well.  Please pray that her nausea would subside so that she will feel like eating and will be able to keep food down. 

***Updated Friday, October 5, 6:30 PM (Eastern Time)***

We had another ultrasound this afternoon.  Babies B, C, and D all showed beating hearts.  To God be the glory!  Great things He has done!

Please continue to pray for Kelli's recovery from surgery, as she is absolutely exhausted.  Pray for the continued well-being of the three precious babies whose hearts are beating even now.  Thank you for your continued prayer for our familiy as we travel the road before us.  We have come a long way, yet we still have a long way to go.

***Updated Friday, October 5, 8:30 AM (Eastern Time)***

We had an ultrasound about an hour ago.  Babies B, C, and D all have heartbeats.  However, Baby A does not.  She has gone to be with her Creator. 

Please pray that babies B, C, and D will continue to thrive.  Kelli is in a great deal of pain from the surgery, so please pray for her healing. 

Emotionally, our family is hurting.  However, we continue to feel the presence of God during this time.  It is amazing to feel the peace that passes understanding when the storms of life are all around us.  Thank you again for your continued prayer.

***Updated Thursday, October 4, 5:52 PM (Eastern Time)***

The doctors just came to the waiting room.  Kelli is out of surgery and the procedure went very well.  The doctors said that things "on the inside" looked like they had anticipated and that the surgery was very straightforward.  Kelli is being moved to recovery now. 

The doctors said that they were able to remove the offending vessels and that all four babies have heartbeats.  The Transfusion issue has been addresed and it is now up to the babies to continue the healing process.

THANK YOU for your continued prayer.  Please pray that the babies will now be able to continue healing.  We will have another ultrasound tomorrow to check on their progress.

***Updated Thursday, October 4, 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)***

Kelli just went into surgery a few minutes ago.  Before leaving for the operating room, we met again with the surgeons, Dr. Luks and Dr. Carr.  We have such a sense of peace about what we are doing.  While we do not know what the end result will be, we know that we are in the right place and doing the right thing.  God has truly blessed us in that Kelli and the babies are in the hands of some of the most capable doctors in the world.

Please continue to pray for safety for Kelli and the babies, especially babies A and D.  Pray for Doctors Luks and Carr that they will be able to perform the complex procedure. 

When Kelli is out of surgery, I will update the website as soon as possible.

Thank you again so much for your support.  Words cannot adequately describe the appreciation we have for your prayer.

***Updated Wednesday, October 3, 5:40 PM***

The ultrasound at the doctor visit today revealed that the condition of babies A and D has worsened.  Without any medical intervention, it is virtually certain that they will not live much longer.  The good news is that surgery is scheduled for 2:30 PM (Eastern) tomorrow.  There are many, many prayer requests that we have at this time.

This surgery is extremely complex due to there being four babies involved.  Usually this surgery is done on twins, and even then it is not a simple procedure.  Adding two other babies to the mix makes it exponentially more difficult.  It has never been done on identical quadruplets, anywhere in the world.  Please pray for the doctors.  Pray that they are able to perform the surgery tomorrow.

There are risks for the babies (obviously) and there are no guarantees that the babies (especially A and D) will live, even after the intervention.  The doctors told us that they may be able to stop the Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, but that the babies actually have to heal themselves.  Please pray for their health during the procedure and healing afterward.

In addition to the babies, Kelli is also at risk.  We won't spell out the entire list of possible complications, but know that this surgery is not risk-free.  Please pray that she also remains healthy and that she does not experience any complications from the procedure.

We will do our best to keep the website as up-to-date as possible.  Though we cannot be certain of what the future holds for us, we continue to feel a tremendous peace here in Providence.  (Neat name for a town, huh?)  Thank you for your continued prayerful support.


***Updated Wednesday, October 3, 8:10 AM***

Kelli and Jason have an appointment today at Women and Infant's Hospital of Rhode Island at 2:30 (Eastern) for an extensive ultrasound evaluation.  The appointment is scheduled to last 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  Please pray that the ultrasound would bring good news and that the babies have been healed.  If God has chosen not to heal the babies without medical intervention, pray that surgery is a viable option and that He will perform a miracle through the doctors.  

Though times have been very stressful over the past few days, Jason and Kelli have felt a tremendous sense of peace during this difficult time.  Thank you for your continued support through prayer.

***Updated Monday, October 1, 10:15 PM*** 

There has been a change in plans.  Jason and Kelli were scheduled to go to Wisconsin to meet with a specialist tomorrow.  However, Kelli has been in touch with a doctor in Providence, Rhode Island, who is on the cutting edge of a modern laser surgery to correct Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  Jason and Kelli will travel to Rhode Island on October 2 (for an appointment the next day) to see if this surgery is a viable option for the quadruplets.  This surgery has never been performed on identical quadruplets.  Please pray that Jason and Kelli will have safe travels, that the conditions will be favorable for the surgery, and that the surgery will ultimately be a success.

***Updated Friday, September 28***

Our visit to the doctor in Minneapolis today brought bad news.  While babies B and C are doing well, babies A and D are having difficulties.  They are currently showing symptoms of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (as expressed in two of four quadruplets, rather than twins).  Rather than a lengthy explanation, suffice it to say that the end result is that one baby (D) has decreased blood volume while the other (A) has increased blood volume.  This is causing baby D to be falling behind in growth.  More concerning is the fact that baby A has excessive strain on her heart due to the increased blood flow.  Her heart is greatly enlarged and she is experiencing congestive heart failure.  The doctor does not think baby A will survive much longer and is uncertain if baby D will live to birth.

Due to the extra complications involved with quadruplets, no medical intervention can be done at this time without greatly jeopardizing the other babies and/or Kelli.  The only cure is a miracle from God.  Please pray that God will heal babies A and D, while keeping babies B and C healthy.


With quadruplets, a premature birth is certain.  The doctor said she would be happy if the babies were born at 28 weeks (which would be around Thanksgiving) and would be ecstatic if they were born after 32 weeks (which would be around Christmas).  We are praying that Kelli is able to carry the babies 32 weeks.  The longer the babies are inside, the stronger they will be at birth.

With identical quadruplets, all four babies share one nutrient source (placenta).  Complications can arrive if the babies do not share the nutrients equally.  We pray that they each get the nutrition they need so that they are healthy and strong at delivery.

Pray for general health and well-being of the babies and of Kelli.

Kelli has really enjoyed being a stay at home mother for Wyatt the past two years.  However, due to the pregnancy she is unable to continue doing so.  As a result, Wyatt has started attending day care.  Pray for Wyatt as he goes through this transition, and pray for Kelli as she spends time at home on bed rest. 

Eventually, Kelli will need to move to the hospital in Minneapolis (240 miles away).  Pray for Jason and Wyatt as they stay in Fargo and visit Kelli on the weekends.  Kelli will be in the hospital no later than 23 weeks into the pregnancy and will remain there until the babies are born.

Logistical items are going to be difficult.  The babies will go through approximately one thousand diapers per month over the first few months.  Kelli will nurse the babies, but with four of them it is certain that LOTS of formula will be need to be purchased as well.  There will also be a need for four of everything - car seats, high chairs, cribs, etc.  Pray that God will continue to provide for the family to have the things they need.