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In memory of Berkley Claire Medders


Callie and Grandpops, July 4, 2009


Below, Callie in early April.

Callie sports her new shades on a recent sunny day. 

Wyatt and Daddy coloring Easter eggs. 

A shot of Callie in the bath (also known as the kitchen sink). 

Callie had a really good day with speech therapy, and ate (wore) almost a whole tablespoon of food.  Unfortuntely, she hasn't done as well since.


Callie in her Christmas dress. 


Callie sitting up by herself, showing off her fancy Mic-Key button.


Callie at one year.

Her dress is one that her mother wore as a young girl. 



Above, Callie playing with one of her favorite toys.  Below, a smile from a mid-October evening with Mommy and Daddy.




Above, Callie isn't sure what she thinks of her stylish hat.  Below, she decides that a) her daddy has much less hair than he did a decade ago and b) she likes her hat.


Dr. Wyatt likes to help care for his sister, Callie.


On July 12, Callie was again featured in the local newspaper. 

Here's Callie with her Papa, about six weeks after arriving home.  As you can see, she's filling out a bit and smiling much more.


A few shots of Callie after being home for a couple of weeks: 


She likes to study her hands and fingers.


On pretty days, we get to spend a little bit of time outdoors.  Although the pictures here don't show it, she really does smile quite a bit... 



Kelli saying goodbye to her home for the past seven months, the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis. 

With Callie on her big day, preparing to leave her hospital home to live with her family in Fargo. 


Walking down the hallway outside the NICU.  Note the oxygen tank on the right.  Callie's feeding pump is in the backpack.  The pulse oximeter and nebulizer await her at home. 

Arriving at home to greet big brother Wyatt. 



Callie, on her 199th day in the NICU, is excited about the possibility of finally going home in the next few weeks. 




The pictures taken of Kelli and Callie in mid-April were printed in the Fargo Forum newspaper on Mother's Day.  The article focused on the importance of faith in the journey Kelli has walked with Callie thus far, and was one of four in a series of motherhood articles. 


She doesn't do it often, but here's a bit of a smile from our favorite girl in the NICU.


Jason, Kelli, and Callie celebrating Callie's half-birthday.  Six months in the NICU and counting...


Here are five new pictures of Callie, after approximately 170 days in the NICU.



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