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Our Story

After learning Kelli was pregnant, Jason and Kelli went to Meritcare Clinic for what they thought would be a routine doctor visit. 

It wasn't. 

Instead of one baby showing on the ultrasound, there were four.

The doctor requested a more thorough ultrasound that same day in order to learn more.  After an extensive sonogram, it was determined that Kelli was pregnant four times over.  She had four viable fetuses in her womb. 

Only seven weeks pregnant at the time, the doctor referred Kelli to perinatologists at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they specialize in multiple/high risk pregnancies.

At the time, Jason and Kelli notified a few close friends and family members of the news and asked that they pray for Kelli and the babies.

The following week, Jason and Kelli drove to Minneapolis for a visit to the perinatal clinic at Abbott Northwestern.  The doctor they visited with was wonderful.  She spent two hours examining the babies via ultrasound.  The equipment she used was so advanced that she could trace all four umbilical cords (no thicker than a human hair) from each baby (no larger than a kidney bean).  She determined that all four babies shared one placenta, but each baby had its own amniotic sac.  The babies were determined to be identical quadruplets.

In late September, an ultrasound revealed that Babies A and D were experiencing a complication known as Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  After many doctor consultations (and much prayer),  Jason and Kelli went to Providence, Rhode Island, where surgeons  performed surgery in an attempt to save the lives of the babies.  Unfortunately, Baby A - Annika Peace Medders - died the day after the procedure.   

Kelli spent approximately one month on bed rest in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  On Sunday morning, November 4, Kelli began having frequent, strong contractions and the decision was made to proceed with a C-section. 

Baby D - Daley Providence Medders - lived only a few short minutes after birth.  Her tiny body was just too small to sustain life, despite great efforts from the medical staff.  Three days later, Baby B - Berkley Claire Medders - went to join Annika and Daley in heaven.  Baby C - Callie Ranelle Medders - spent the next 209 days of life in the NICU.

During that time, Jason worked during the week and traveled to Minneapolis to be with Kelli and Callie on the weekends.  Kelli lived at the Ronald McDonald house approximately three miles from the hospital, and spent her days with Callie in the NICU. 

On May 30, after nearly seven months in the hospital, Callie was finally discharged.  Jason, Kelli, Wyatt, and Callie spent about two months at home, readjusting to life together in Fargo.

In mid-August, Callie began having additional difficulties breathing - so much so that after a few days in a Fargo hospital, she was flown to Minneapolis to be readmitted to Children's Hospital there.  She recuperated from the cold she had, but it took a few weeks in the PICU to fully recover.  

Callie is now at home again and seems to be doing pretty well, all things considered.