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How You Can Help

From the moment word got out about the pregnancy, we have had people asking us what they can do to help.  Our response has been that, while there may be a need for "tangible" help, we simply ask for prayers.  Each day our family spends time with God, giving everything to Him.  What we need more than anything else at this time is your support through prayer.

While we have not asked anyone for money, and do not plan to do so, several people have sent us monetary gifts to go toward our ongoing costs of travel, lodging, medical, and other expenses.  For these we are truly humbled and grateful. 

Some friends and coworkers planned a benefit dinner for us, held the night of December 8, 2007.  It was absolutely an amazing experience.  To see so many people - many we know and many more that we do not - come together in support of our family, was an overwhelming experience.  To those who planned, attended, or supported the event in any way - thank you.  It truly was a moving experience.  If you would like to learn more about the benefit dinner, please click here.  

Again, what we continue to need more than anything else is prayer.  For a list of current prayer requests, please read the blog.

Thank you so much for your support.