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How is Callie doing now?

In general, considering all she has been through, Callie is doing pretty well overall.  It continues to be a long a difficult road, but she is much more stable now than she was during her first months.  For the most up-to-date information, visit the "blog" link on the left.


How many surgical procedures has Callie had?

So far, Callie has had a PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) ligation, placement of two Broviac lines, an ileostomy, an ileostomy revision, an ileostomy takedown, an umbilical hernia repair, two femoral hernia repairs, closure of an ASD (Arterial Septal Defect), replacement of a g-tube with a mic-key button, and an update of her mic-key button to a g-j version.


When did Callie get to come home from the hospital for the first time?

Callie and her sisters were born November 4, 2007.  On May 30, after 209 days in the NICU, Callie was able to go home to Fargo with her parents for the first time.


What was the due date?

With multiples, we knew the babies would arrive early – the later, the better.  The "official" due date, had there been only one baby, was February 18.  The babies were born November 4.


What was your reaction when the doctor said you were having four babies?

It was not at all comical, as many people imagine it to be.  It was scary.  There were (and still are) a lot of unknowns.  “A mild state of shock” is a good description.


Are you going to be on Oprah/The Today Show/The Discovery Channel/David Letterman?

To our knowledge, no.


Did you see in the news that a set of identical quads was born to a Canadian couple a few months ago?



When did Kelli move to the hospital for bed rest?

On October 12, Kelli moved to the Sheraton hotel that is attached to the hospital.  She only stayed there one week before having to move to the hospital.  She was in the hospital until the birth of the babies.  


Did you know before they were born if they were boys or girls?

We found out at our appointment on September 28 that we were having girls.


Have you bought a minivan yet?  We love our Honda Odyssey…

I’m sure Honda Odysseys are great, but Jason’s dad helped us buy a used Ford Excursion so that everyone would fit nicely.


How were you going to afford all those children at once?

Good question.  We had no idea.  God will provide.  He always has and always will.


Do you have any names picked out?

Annika Peace Medders

Berkley Claire Medders

Callie Ranelle Medders

Daley Providence Medders


Do multiples (twins, triplets, quads, etc.) run in your family?

They do now.


Were fertility treatments involved?

If you consider a multivitamin fertility treatment, then yes.  Otherwise, no.


Is Kelli’s pregnancy the reason her parents moved to Fargo?

Actually, no.  They made plans to move to Fargo before knowing Kelli was pregnant, let alone pregnant with quadruplets.  God just works things out that way…


Did Kelli get bored being on bed rest?

Yes and no.  She did have books, magazines, and a laptop, but the days still got to be pretty long.