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Jason and Kelli are originally from Birmingham, Alabama.  They attended college together in Mississippi and were married in 2000.  In 2003, they relocated to Fargo, North Dakota where they live today.  Wyatt was born in 2005.

Kelli enjoys outdoor activities - hunting, fishing, and camping.  She also enjoys sewing, cooking, and, being a stay-at-home mother for Wyatt (when able to do so). 

Jason also enjoys the outdoors.  If he isn't hunting, fishing, or camping, he can be found at the local softball field playing with his church team.

Wyatt is a rambunctious three-year-old.  Like many others his age, he only has two speeds - fast and faster.  He loves to run outside and play with cars and trucks.

Callie is still a small baby, but she's slowly getting bigger.  She's a wiggler and a squirmer, and she always kept the nurses in the NICU on their toes.  She did the same when she returned to the hospital and stayed in the PICU.  Now she does the same with her parents.  She really puts a lot of effort into everything she does.