Medal of Honor Recipient Research

Research a Medal of Honor Recipient 

  • US Army Medal of Honor - 
    • Medal of Honor Recipients are listed on this site in “Index of Citations” by the war they were achieved—Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.  
    • Find the MOH recipient you want to research here. 

  • Congressional Medal of Honor Society -
    • Use this site to find more information on your chosen MOH recipient’s citation.

  • Media Center databases 
    • EBSCOHost 
    • Biography in Context

Cite all information and images 
  • Noodle Tools Account
    • Sign in
    • Create a NEW project ("Medal of Honor" and select MLA and ADVANCED)
    • Keep track of your sources 
    • At the end of your research, click on PRINT/EXPORT to Google Docs to see your full works cited page
    • Remember you need a full works cited page AND parenthetical/in-text citations for all information & pictures in your presentation

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