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October 24, 2012: Lecture

Δ = b2-4ac
(reading Jean-Pierre Serre)

Bart Van Steirteghem (MEC)

 Wednesday, October 24, 2012
12:00 noon (right after the tutors meeting)
Location: AB1-L00

Abstract: In 1985 Jean-Pierre Serre, one of the world's greatest mathematicians and expositors of mathematics, published the article Δ = b2-4ac [pdf]. In it he explores some of the elementary and not so elementary aspects of the following problem which goes back to Gauss (ca. 1800): given an integer Δ, what are the possible polynomials ax2+bx+c with integer coefficients a,b and c for which b2 - 4ac is equal to Δ? 
I will discuss some of the first results Serre mentions. The talk will get somewhat more technical as it progresses, but will have something for everyone.

Refreshments will be served.

Bring a friend from math class!