The MEC Mathematical Society meets every Wednesday. We host guest speakers, student presentations and talks by our faculty. We also play math games, discuss, plan and inform members of upcoming events and initiatives. Join us, and Bring a Friend from Math Class.

Fall 2016 Club Schedule

President: Carlos Samuels
Vice President: Beatrice François
Treasurer: Ededra Campbell
Secretary: Carmen Zinsou
P&B: Nikita Hutson and Ivor Blackman

Faculty advisors: Joshua Sussan and Cesar Valverde

Date Time Activity Location
9/14 11:30-12:45 Club Fair 2016 Crown Street 
9/21 11:30-12:45 Workshop Presentations for Mth 09/10/136/138 students (11:30-12:00) followed by a talk by Professor Raymond Thomas from 12:00 to 12:45
Title: Some Infinities are Bigger than Others
9/28 11:30-12:45 Talk by Professor Raymond Thomas from 11:30 to 12:45.
Title: Some Infinities are Bigger than Others Part Two 
 9/28   11:30-12:45Workshop on how to be a more competitive applicant for medical/ graduate school. Hosted by Medgar Evers Science Association (MESA).L09
10/5 11:30-12:45 Games Day L00
10/12 11:30-12:45  Workshop Presentations for Mth 09/10/136/138 students by Carlos Samuels and Beatrice Francois L00
10/26 11:30-12:45