The MEC Mathematical Society meets every Wednesday. We host guest speakers, student presentations and talks by our faculty. We also play math games, discuss, plan and inform members of upcoming events and initiatives. Join us, and Bring a Friend from Math Class.

President: Nikita Hutson
Vice President: Janelle Walker
Treasurer: Joy Adams
Secretary: Aalia Quamina
P&B: Ivor Blackman and Malika Simmons

Faculty advisors: Gelonia Dent and Bart Van Steirteghem

Fall 2015 Club Schedule

Date Time Activity Location
9/16 11:30-12:45 Club Fair Bedford Amphitheater
9/30 11:30-12:45 An interactive introduction to integer partitions AB1-L07
10/7 11:30-12:45 SET tournament AB1-L07
10/14 11:30-12:45 Presentation by Terrence R. Blackman
Title: What is Number Theory? [slides]
10/21 11:30-12:45 Medgar Evers College Mathematics Colloquium
Speaker: You Qi (Yale University)
Title: Categorification of small quantum groups
10/28 11:30-12:45 Presentation by Cesar Valverde
Title: Different sizes of infinity
11/04 11:30-12:45 Group Advising AB1-L07
11/11 11:30-12:45 Math and Munch: Relax and Give Back [pdf] AB1-C13
11/18 11:30-12:45 Presentation by Mahmoud Sayrafiezadeh:
Title: Taylor Polynomials: Their Simplicity and Utility
11/25 11:30-12:45 SGA Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner AB1-Lobby
12/02 11:30-12:45 Math Movie: Outside In AB1-L07
12/07 11:30-12:45 Guest Lecture by Dr. Edray H Goins (Purdue University)
Title: A Survey of Diophantine Equations