Standing Desk

I've been a fan of standing desks for a while. Supposedly used by such luminaries as Thomas Jefferson, it seems like a nifty way to work. 

It seems intuitive to me that standing up isn't detrimental to working, possibly even the reverse. If you give someone a hard problem, or they start thinking about tricky things, one of the first instincts is to stand up and pace. However I'm not supposing that there's any health or even productivity benefits to this, just that it'd be cool to try and see how it goes.

There's some rather nice convertible desks out there that have motors and can adapt to whatever height you need. However they're quite pricy for home use, so I had a crack at adapting my existing corner table. 

Cut some pieces of pine to length:

and you can turn this:

into this:
So far I've been using it for all of an hour. The verdict? No complaints!