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Kirlian Photography

I made a Kirlian photography rig recently. Here are some photos I took.
I used a wet-cell as a transparent electrode. This was easy to make with two photo frames and some aquarium sealant. In order to avoid having the sealant having to cure when wet, I constructed the cell dry, then injected a saline mixture later with a syringe. It was pretty easy, but I went though a few frames before I made one which was clear enough to use.

For a high voltage supply I used the kit that was published in Make magazine I highly recommend it, it's very adjustable.  Although they have a complete Kirlian kit, I think it's easier to use the HV supply and make your own electrode.

The whole thing is housed in a wooden box for easy transportation. The wet cell is horizontal, and the objects are placed on top. An alligator clip connected to the ground lead is placed on the sample. The high voltage lead is connected to a thin wire which enters the cell through the sealant.

A mirror is used to reflect the image so the camera can point forward instead of up. This makes it much easier to take photos. It's hard enough to line up operating the high voltage, killing the room lighting, focusing and operating the shutter in time, let alone trying to focus if you have to point the camera up at the subject.


My old motorcycle key:

A couple of Australian coins:


The setup for photography. Thanks to my friend who took the photo (a little too much Bokeh!).

The wet cell is at the top and you can see the mirror and high voltage supply underneath.

Here's a photo of my first cell. My second cell was larger, but it self destructed! (and leaked all over everything). The third cell I let cure for a week before use.

I advise liberal use of alligator clips, blu-tac, plastic clips and anything which can make setting up the photos easier.