Welcome to my site. It's pretty spartan, but has some info and documentation on projects that might be handy.


Created a new blog here:  http://tinkerings.org/

May 2013 - Added  Rplidar Review

July 2013 - Added LightScythe V2

April 2013 - Added Tardis Light
April 2013 - Added ROS Workshop
April 2013 - Added Turtlebot-Tinkerings

Mar 2013 - Added MiniBlinky

Feb 2013 - Added Radiation while flying

Jan 2013 - Added Replicator2 Review

Jan 2013 - Added FlightScythe

Jun 2012 - Added Medieval PDAs
Jun 2012 - Added photos and writeup of the Transit of Venus 

Sep  2011 - Thanks to my friend Madox for registering 3DPrintersAnonymous.org and pointing it here. I swear I don't need an intervention!

June 2011 - Added writeup of the Light Scythe

April - 26: Some photos of my homemade Standing Desk.

Aug - 8: Start of a new regular feature. Cool Thing of the Week. And the first episode, Microwave Hot Spot Measurement.

July - 5: XR-210 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Hacking

Apr - 10: Single page Arduino Cheat Sheet

July - 09: Making a Priority Board.
July - 09: Posted info on the Makerbot table here.

Jun - 09: Added info on the making of cheap whiteboards.
Jun - 09: Updated with information about machining a new idler wheel for the extruder on the Makerbot troubleshooting page.

May - 09: Added troubleshooting of the makerbot page.
May - 09: Added examples of printed objects to the Makerbot page.
May - 09: Finished off  the build of Makerbot #00003
May - 09: Added some information about the build of Makerbot #00003
May - 09: Added Thermographic images to the Reflow Controller page.
May - 09: Added the Acrylic Bender page

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Hacking:

Instructions on how to make a really cheap whiteboard and also a Priority Board are here.

I'm waiting on a
My  Makerbot Cupcake CNC kit has arrived, and I've started to document the build. I've also got some examples of printed objects here.

I made an Acrylic Bender recently

I'm developing a Reflow controller in order to use a skillet for industrial soldering. Now with thermographic images!

Here are some details on my computer controlled Bell Tower.

Some samples of high voltage 'Kirlian' photography are also here.