Sunday Schools

Christian Education News – Fall 2018


The fall Sunday School session will begin on September 2nd which is on Labor weekend. A huge thanks to the individuals that prepared and taught lessons for the summer session. Mechanicsburg is very blessed with talented individuals that are willing to share their instructional skills. Also huge thanks to the members who participated in the summer session. The summer sessions are dependent upon members willing to share their thoughts and opinions. Many thanks for sharing.

v  Sunday School’s fall session begins on Sunday, September 2 (Labor Day Weekend) and runs until November 18 (The weekend before Thanksgiving). The theme for Shine’s curriculum is: God’s Blessing and Care. This curriculum will be used for all children’s classes.

v  We will continue to run a combined elementary class with grades (K-4) in one classroom.

v  We will continue the middle school based classroom and a senior high youth class.

v  Our Sunday School Opening Program (9:15 to 9:30) will begin on September 16th. It will run the first and third Sunday of each month. This program allows the children to sing familiar Christian children songs as well as VBS songs from the summer.