posted May 31, 2018, 5:14 PM by Ken Schmidt   [ updated Jun 29, 2018, 6:42 PM ]

Donate your CLEAN, USABLE household items to the church by placing them in Room #129.   Contact Arlene Justice if there is a storage problem or you need help in bringing items to the church. 

          Please – NO items that don’t have all the pieces.  Please MARK or BOX to keep together.  Gas powered/Oily items – please hold until right before the sale (no storage available and will be placed outside on sale date)

          NO Encyclopedias, Text Books, or Computer Tech Books!      


          NO CLOTHING! (Save for the spring rummage sale)

          BEDDING will be accepted.



Here is how YOU can help:  Volunteers Needed!!!

Wanted:  YOUTH to help with the Yard Sale!

Please let the office know if you are able to coming in.

Areas will be cut if we have no volunteers!


·         Join us for the “Saturday Night Special” and “Ice Cream Social” on August 18th at 7 PM.  Everyone under 80 invited to help make quick work of setting up tables.

  • Kitchen Prep Day - Morning of Thursday, August 23rd.  Help is needed the “Day of” the Yard Sale.  Contact is Linda W.  Let her know you will help!
  • We NEED HELPERS starting Monday, August  20th at 8 AM to price & sort items in Fellowship Hall & finish by Thursday.
  • HELP!  HELP!  WE NEED HELPERS the day of the Yard Sale from 6:30 AM till the day is complete!  AND help is needed the Monday AFTER to load the truck and cut up boxes.
  • BOOKS – Captain is Phyllis P.

Hold items until August 1st.

  • CAPTAIN NEEDED & Baked Goods needed.  Call Arlene.

Sorry, NO Home Canned Items – NO Refrigerated Items (PA Dept of Ag)

  • CAPTAIN NEEDED:  Houseplants, Perennials, Bulbs, or small trees, shrubs.
  • Extra Vegetables from your garden? 

Donate them for basket sales.  This is a very popular item.