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Martin Prayer Garden

In 1997 as part of the construction of the new addition to the church, stone work that surrounded the exit door frame of the old fellowship hall was saved during demolition phase by the contractor for some future use. Harry R. drew up a design of a cross to be in incorporated into the brick work at the end of the new fellowship hall using this stone.  Rowland and June Martin provided the additional funding required to complete this project in memory of June’s Aunt Kathryn A, a former member of the church.   After the building and court yard was completed, Rowland faithfully cared for the plants and flowers for approximately twenty years.  We recently had a work day to adjust some of the paving blocks, trim bushes, and do a general clean up in the area.  While doing this a member of the church suggested that we should consider naming this court yard in honor and memory of the Martins.  This suggestion was brought to the executive committee and the leadership team.  It was voted upon and approved to name this court yard the “Martin Prayer Garden”.  In addition, as requested by Janie D, several new benches, a table, and 8 chairs have been purchased with memorial funds donated in memory of her husband Charlie.  It is hoped that this court yard will provide a space where individuals can go for quite reflection and prayer under the cross.  It is also hoped that it could be used by Sunday school classes and for small group meetings.

--Ron K, Stewards Chairperson