We are seniors at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana.  We were given a senior capstone design project of designing a portable solar tracking device. The customer and monetary supporter of our project provided us with the following project description:
The purpose of this project is to provide my company with a portable solar tracking device that could be used in areas where electricity is not available.  The tracking device will be powered by a portable power source.  I would like the device to be lightweight or easily transportable, but be able to withstand a moderate amount of wind.  The device can be designed to be folded or taken apart with minimal effort (minimal tools required) and should incorporate a flexible attachment system that could accommodate a photovoltaic or solar thermal unit weighing 20 pounds or less. The tracking unit should have a manual override in the event that the motorized part of the unit is not working. The tracking device should track the Sun on two axes with one axis having a manual adjustment that would correspond to the correct month, unless someone can come up with an automated method to adjust the monthly axis.