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Emergency Boiler Repair
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Emergency Boiler Repair Services In Calgary Alberta
boiler repairsIf your boiler or part of your hot water heating systems  isn’t working properly or at all contact The Boiler Experts at DHL Mechanical right away. It may not be the coldest month or day of the year yet, but ensuring that your boiler is working properly and efficiently is important to the health of your boiler and your home.

During cold winter months a home without heat could result in burst pipes that can lead to water damage and other expensive repairs. This is why The Boiler Experts at DHL Mechanical provides emergency boiler repair services throughout Calgary Alberta. We’ve been working in Western Canada for over 30 years and when we receive an emergency boiler repair service call we know that one of our neighbours needs assistance.

When temperatures drop we know that more than just your home is at risk, which is why we respond promptly to all emergency requests to help ensure your home and family aren’t left out in the cold.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Just because we’re responding to an emergency boiler repair request doesn’t mean that we haphazardly rush through the work. We maintain the same level of professionalism, quality, and customer service regardless of the time of day. We ensure that all of our repairs or installations are done correctly and to code so your boiler functions properly and efficiently moving forward. We pride ourselves on a high level of quality and service which is why we maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our emergency boiler repair and installation work.

If you’re currently experiencing a situation that requires emergency boiler repair services call: AB (403)863-8246 / BC: (250)868-9948
Our operators are standing by to personally assist you and your family.
For Emergencies Call: AB (403)863-8246 / BC: (250)868-9948


DHL Mechanical  
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DHL Mechanical is your local Calgary Boiler and radiant heating experts, we specialize in boiler repairs, boiler service and installation. We can respond to any emergency boiler repairs that happen and would also like to help you keep your hot water system running full time by keeping up with service and care of your boiler systems and hot water systems. We are Boiler experts in both residential and commercial applications as well as being HVAC Certified we are also BBB accredited.  
Hot Water Heat (also known as Hydronics) is a safe and efficient system for creating a comfortable residential or commercial living space. Water is heated with an energy source, then circulated through a network of pipes and radiators throughout the area to heat. The radiators can be installed in the floor (in-floor radiant heat), along the baseboards (baseboard radiators) or mounted on walls. In Calgary, the energy source is typically natural gas.