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In-Floor Heating Calgary
DHL Mechanical Boiler repair and HVAC Services Calgary

Heating Boiler Experts
DHL Mechanical  with our advanced technology and experienced plumbers, we can repair your in floor heat boiler , provide quality products and services at the most competitive costs.DHL Mechanical Boiler repair and HVAC Services Calgary

Our specialization includes any  installation, repairs, emergency repairs, and seasonal and preventive maintenance. All our products and services conform to the Canadian Standard Association’s (CSA) quality guidelines for fuel efficiency, safety, performance, and eco friendly parameters. We ensure clean and hygienic environment within your home by eliminating all the probable risk factors associated with hot water heating systems .

Our  boiler Brands
The brand products we install and replace have been tested for the CSA‘s quality and safety parameters under the harshest climatic conditions. Efficient design, construction, and working mechanism ensure optimum fuel consumption and maximum heating.  Our brands include

  • IBC 
  • Super Hot 
  • NTI 
  • Buderus 
  • LAARS 
  • Lochinvar 
  • Well-McLain
  • Viessman 
Quality and Durability
Our products work on propane and other natural gas to deliver unlimited home heating and hot water supplies. Customized controls let you adjust the temperature, pressure, flow rate and the heating rate accurately.

  • Condensing System: The condensing system in hot water systems ensure maximum fuel conservation by reusing the latent heat from the exhaust flue gas. So, your monthly energy bills continue to at remain the lowest possible levels.
  • Advanced products: Wall mounted models, Combi models, indirect heating, pool and spa heat exchangers, radiant heating, and hot water supplies are the assured functionality of our advanced products.
DHL Mechanical Boiler repair and HVAC Services Calgary

Radiant supplies uninterrupted hot water  your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and the other utility points in your home. Our expert plumbing works ensure the installation of the best insulated pipes, efficient water routing channels, durable plumbing accessories, and customized control mechanisms. We can suggest the most optimum capacity and type of boiler based on your hot water requirement and budget.

Radiant Floor Heating

Our products utilize the advanced hydronic  mechanism with the Hydronics to keep your home warm during cold seasons. The benefits of our system include

  • Efficient Heating: Our radiant systems work on the principles of electromagnetic wave transmission of heat. It is independent of the medium (air) through which it transmits the waves. Hence, the net heat gets transferred to the objects and the people in the room. Since there is no air heating, the loss due to air circulation is zero. Extended heat retention by the carpets, wool, linen, and other upholstery keeps the room warm for long hours. The efficiency rating of our systems goes beyond 90% to generate cost effective and fuel efficient heating.
  • Durable Insulation: At DHL, we provide the best insulation covering to the radiant heating pipes, joints, room walls, windows, ceiling, doors, and windows, etc. Our system conserves maximum heat by reducing the losses to near zero.
  • Radiant Heating: The DHL Mechanical  floor heating systems can work on hardwood, tiles, concrete and asphalt, carpets, marbles, and the other types of floors with equal efficiency. Our plumbers can install the systems over the existing flooring and provide additional flooring over the pipelines and the radiant heating panels. Or we can excavate the floor, prepare the base and then install the radiant heating system. We strive to ensure maximum heating with the minimum fuel consumption.
  • Combination heating: Our highly efficient combination radiant systems can provide the multiple applications of hot water supplies and home heating. The switching systems we install ensure efficient working to ensure uninterrupted supplies of hot water for your showers, washers, heaters, and other appliances round the clock.

Our Services
At DHL Mechanical , we have specialized in the services of boiler repair and maintenance, apart from new installation and old  replacements.
24X7 Emergency Radiant Floor Repairs
Our emergency  repairs can prevent the escalation of defects and damages in the boilers into explosive situations. Our experts can arrive at the site within the shortest time after getting the alert call. We follow the CSA standards and guidelines for risk neutralization, defect detection, causative analysis, emergency repairs, and prevention of the conditions which lead to emergency situations. Your heating systems can work for many years without any hassles after we repair them.

Seasonal Maintenance
Exposure to heat, humidity, water, and other interior and exterior harsh conditions can reduce the equipment efficiency and lifespan drastically. At DHL Mechanical  , we have an experienced team of mechanical contractors  who can provide seasonal maintenance for the equipment, pipelines, hot water storage devices, fuel tanks and systems, electrical installations, utility points, etc.

Radiant Heating Calgary Preventive Maintenance
Efficient and accurate diagnosis of the systems can detect the microscopic level detects before they grow into major and critical damages. It doesn’t matter whether your equipment and devices are ultra modern or legacy models. We have the right kind of spare parts, components, accessories, and the replacements to perform the best preventive maintenance tasks. Our  services include

  • Residential  Boiler Repairs 
  •  Inspection
  •  Maintenance
  •  Cleaning
  •  Controls
  •  Repair
  •  Replacement
  •  Installation
  • Swimming Pools
  • Emergency  Repair
Why Hot Water Heating Calgary (Hydronics)
  • calgary in floor heating boilersRather than blowing hot air into a cold room, in-floor radiant heat warms the floor itself. The result is less variation as compared to the cycle of too hot / too cold that is characteristic of forced air heating.
  • Unlike forced air heating systems, Radiant Hot Water Heat is quiet and doesn’t disturb the air. Since Radiant Hot Water Heat doesn’t disturb the air, it doesn’t raise dust particles or rely on air filters to remove them. Indoor air quality is inherently superior.
  • Everyone knows hot air rises. The warmest air a room heated by forced air is near the ceiling. In contrast, in a room heated by in-floor radiant heat, the warmest area is near the floor where you live. Comfort is achieved at a lower thermostat setting which is good for the environment and good for your budget.
  • Hydronics provides precise control over which areas to heat, and how much.
  • A  boiler is typically about 90% efficient which is far superior to even “high efficiency” furnaces and hot water tanks. Use the same boiler for your hot water supply.
  • Hydronics are versatile and adaptable to a wide variety of heat sources, including alternative energy sources.
calgary in floor heating boilers

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DHL Mechanical is your local Calgary Boiler and radiant heating experts, we specialize in boiler repairs, boiler service and installation. We can respond to any emergency boiler repairs that happen and would also like to help you keep your hot water system running full time by keeping up with service and care of your boiler systems and hot water systems. We are Boiler experts in both residential and commercial applications as well as being HVAC Certified we are also BBB accredited.  
Hot Water Heat (also known as Hydronics) is a safe and efficient system for creating a comfortable residential or commercial living space. Water is heated with an energy source, then circulated through a network of pipes and radiators throughout the area to heat. The radiators can be installed in the floor (in-floor radiant heat), along the baseboards (baseboard radiators) or mounted on walls. In Calgary, the energy source is typically natural gas.