Mythbusting Quiz

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 How much do you know about the science behind ME/CFS?

Click True or False to find out if you are right! 

1. “Chronic fatigue” is a correct short term for “chronic fatigue syndrome.”    True or False?

2. ME/CFS is an uncommon illness.    True or False?

3. Fibromyalgia is essentially the same illness as ME/CFS.    True or False?

4. People with ME/CFS are tired all the time. We’re tired at the end of the day, especially at this age (30/40/50/60), so being “fatigued” is really no big deal.   True or False?

5. ME/CFS must be psychological—who was heard of any biological basis for it?   True or False?

6. ME/CFS is being researched in universities and clinics worldwide, to the same extent as diabetes, cancer and AIDS.   True or False?

7. ME/CFS is a serious illness.   True or False?

8. People with ME/CFS are just tired because they are out of shape and they would surely get better if they would just exercise.   True or False?

9. People disabled with ME/CFS have access to all the services, assistance and rights already available to meet the needs of disabled citizens in Canada.   True or False?

10. People usually get better from ME/CFS, it’s just a matter of time.   True or False?

From MacDonald, L. (2008, Spring 2008). The Science of CFS: CFS Myth-busting Quiz 2008. Quest: National ME/FM Action Network Newsletter, 77.

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Kirsty Best,
May 16, 2010, 9:53 PM