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Much progress has been made on this build of Super Gunball!

Firstly, I have to say that my efforts at being social have paid off.  I posted a classified ad on asking for an artist's help with this game.  I also posted a Devlog on the same site.  Then I joined the forums to hob-nob with some other birds of my feather.  This has resulted in some personal messages and a few playtester feedback suggestions which I have found to be helpful.  There were a few interested parties that could not persuade me that they would be helpful to me right away.  (One just wanted to "manage" my project!)  But I did make some positive contacts for future projects or perhaps even when I get past the DEMO phase of Super Gunball.

But the best effect that has happened from my social campaign is that an artist has joined the team!  Together with the sound engineer I have been working with, we now have the basic needs covered to finish this demo.  What's also great is that we all seem to work well together.  The team dynamic is cooperative and positive.  This past weekend was VERY productive.  You can see much of the artist's efforts in the screenshots below.  The most obvious additions are the training background, the training targets, the worm and bee sprites (now animated!), and the Gunball itself (now with 100% more bandanna!).  What you can't see in screenshots is the "boss music" that plays while fighting a boss.  Nor can you see the lessons I learned about scripting the game. (Remember, it's made in GameMaker, not a "real" programming language.  So what?)  We still have a long way to go in polishing this game, but we have made much progress and are determined to see it through!

How can you help?  I'm glad you asked!  I'm always looking for feedback and suggestions.  Playtesting and bug finding are constant processes. Also, spreading the word about Super Gunball and its progress would be great.  I really think it's an up-and-comer game. (Of course I do!  It's my baby!)  You can see and download the latest build of the game HERE.  If you want to see the progress we've made in each iteration, feel free to look at the older versions as well. (Same link.)  As always, interested parties may reach me by Private Message at or in the forums at  I go by Meatsack in both places.