Welcome to the Playground of My Mind!

    Hello! My name is Joshua Pickard (I pronounce it pick-CARD. So should you.) and I am a dreamer.  Creativity just oozes out of my being in a constant stream.  It just does not stop!  I love it!

    However, like most other people, I am not rich.  Sure, I am not scrounging for food as my waistline will attest, but I do not have a pile of cash at my disposal enabling me to realize all (or any, for that matter) of the projects I am inspired to make.  Unlike DaVinci, I am not the son of a rich man brought up in a life of privilege with vast resources at his disposal.  (*GASP* Did he just compare himself to DaVinci?) Yes! Yes I did.  I am a vain person, full of myself and certain of my intellectual and creative superiority over the majority of the human race.  (My wife attributes that to my astrological sign being LEO.)  By freely admitting this fact, though, I liberate myself of having to apologize for this flawed personality trait and can fully embrace it as a part of my being.  This is MY site with MY ideas and MY thoughts!  (See how many times I have used the words "I" and "My" so far? Get used to it.)  So, not being from privilege and not having made a boatload of my own cash so far (because of life decisions I made and own: I recognize that), I am making this site to express my boundless flow of creativity and thoughts in a financially prudent (cheap!) manner.

    By my reckoning, if I am unable to follow through completely on my ideas due to my financial constraints, I can, at the least, put those concepts into writing.  Could I do this with conventional notebooks? Certainly.  But I simultaneously love and deplore the act of physical writing.  A pocket notepad a wonderful vehicle to get ideas down in a hurry if I am not near a computer device, but extended writing (for like more than a minute) causes my hand to physically cramp up and derail my train of thought. (Not to mention, it also puts me in a sour mood.)  So I prefer typing on a keyboard.  This has had a deleterious effect on my handwriting over the years since I haven't developed it much since the 4th grade.  My writing looks like epileptic chicken scratch, but at least it is mostly legible.  (Not like my friend with a similar story with the addition that he is left-handed, so the effect is multiplied to the point where I still cannot tell if he wrote down his new phone number or drew a dirty picture.)  That being said: I still have several papers and notebooks lying around my house containing my on-the-spot inspirations which I have not transferred into electronic format nor have the heart to throw away with the knowledge that I just *MIGHT SOMEDAY* do something with them.  The oldest of these papers goes back to when I was ten years old.  How's that for holding on to your dreams?

    So why would you be interested in poking around the site bearing the fruits of the mind of an arrogant pompous ass?  Because I think my ideas are interesting and I hope you also find them to be interesting.  Perhaps, if enough people find them interesting, I can somehow even make some money from it all.  We shall see.  But initially, as of this writing, I simply want to create a space where I can collect my thoughts and express myself freely without having to give a damn about what others think of me.  I will blog here.  I will post game designs I think of.  I will write pieces on philosophy, politics, and make commentary on many of my personal beliefs and experiences.  My intent, however, is that everything I do here will be relevant to my being.  I will not just post a wall of humorous pictures "for the lulz."  (That kind of thing is for Facebook.)  Everything here should have a point and/or make you think.  There will be many incomplete works and (I hope) several complete ones to peruse as this site develops.  Because of my "Leo" nature, I will eventually turn on comments, but at first they will remain off until such time of my choosing.

    That's about it for now.  I will mark all entries as of their original writing with the date I wrote the piece.  I will not mark edits to a piece, but if I change my position on a subject, I will write a new entry instead with a new date stamp.  Look to the links in the Navigation Bar on the left to find something else to read or do.  This post is done.

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