Did you know that only infants and children can be infected by measles? Or that 90% of non-vaccinated people who come in contact with someone with measles will get measles?
        Measles symptoms include fever and cold symptoms; a harsh, dry cough; small white sores in your mouth, and a blotchy red rash. Common complications include eye-infections, ear infections, laryngitis, bronchitis, and croup.
        Measles can only be contracted by children and infants, like I said earlier. Measles is very rare in the USA, but numbers have increased because of parents against vaccines. You might not show symptoms until 10 days after infected. The contagiousness is worse during the fever, so watch out!!!
        Measles has had a huge impact on Africa. Since October, Doctors Without Borders has been helping children all over  Africa with measles. They have helped 226,000 children so far. 1-15% of people with measles will die. Measles causes blindness by scarring the eyes. Over 400 children die from measles everyday in Africa.
        The Measles outbreak in Africa is getting better. There are many programs helping, but the problem is still huge.