Club Overview

Meanwood Cricket Club, believed to be one of the oldest existing clubs in Leeds, is known to have been playing cricket in 1870, and although, as with most sports clubs, the old records have been lost, details of its early history are contained in the Meanwood Parish Church Magazines which have survived for the years 1851, 1886 and 1890. In October 1891 the annual dinner of the club was held at the Beckett Arm's. The dinner is said to have been 'substantial and well appointed', which the President, Alderman Bower, made a short speech in which he referred to the very successful record of the first team and presented the prizes. During the proceedings a 'very handsome marble time-piece' was presented to Mr. M. W. Nicholson, the club treasurer, as a memento of his twenty one years service as a player with the club and as a appreciation of what he had done during that period for cricket in Meanwood Village. There is, therefore, no doubt that the Meanwood Cricket Club was in existence in the year 1870, which may have well been the date it was formed.

Meanwood Park was the home ground of the Meanwood Cricket Club until 1894 but in February 1895 a concert was held to offset the expense of a new ground on Parkside Road. An account from 4 May 1895 reads 'The first home fixture was played on this date, the opponents being Leeds Wanderers. This match practically opened our new ground and the wicket played very well and stood the test admirably'. To celebrate the occasion Meanwood won by nine wickets! For many years the club used an old railway coach as a changing room and pavilion but in 1984 a new pavilion was built and in 1985 the tea room section of the new pavilion was extended. In 2005, Meanwood's centenary year playing cricket on their ground, a community project helped to rebuild the dry stone wall which surrounds the ground.
Meanwood joined the Dales Council League in 1987 and enjoyed great success during their 25 years as members of the league. In 1998 Meanwood 1st eleven became the A Division champions whilst the second team successfully claimed the D Division title in 2003. Whilst running one senior side Meanwood also won the C Division (West) title in 2010.

Meanwood also have a remarkable history in the Dales Council Leagues premier cup competition 'the Pool Paper Mills Cup'. The club have reached the final on eight occasions and have emerged victorious a record-breaking six times (1989, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2002 & 2003). In addition Meanwood 2nd XI claimed back to back 'Cawthorne Cup' titles in 1994 and 1995. Meanwood continued their proud cup tradition by reaching the final of the Cawthorne Cup in 2010 only to be defeated by Tong Manor by 2 wickets as well as taking part in the Dales Council Leagues inaugural twenty twenty finals day by courtesy of topping their division at the end of July.
 In 2013 Meanwood started a new chapter in their history by joining the Wetherby Cricket League. In their first season competing in the league the club ran one senior side which won the Division 5 title, winning every single match! In 2014 Meanwood entered a second senior side into the league and the clubs success continued as the first team won the Division 4 title and the second team the Division 6 title. In 2015 the first eleven claimed their third title in as many seasons by winning the Division 3 title.