The goal of this website is to introduce and explain the changes in the translation of the Mass that will go into effect in Advent 2011.  The Church has called for catechesis on this translation so as to make the transition as smooth as possible.  These changes are exciting because they will restore much of what is theologically rich and aesthetically pleasing in the language of the Mass.  However, this new language will take some time to get used to and will require some preparation on our part.  In these five talks on the Mass, we explore this new translation and look at how these changes help us to understand the Mass more fully and to enhance our ability to pray the Mass.
As well as introducing the New Missal, this series is intended to educate on the Mass in general.  Even parts of the Mass which are not undergoing a translation change will be examined and discussed.  Focus will be drawn to the Biblical and historial roots of the gestures and prayers of the Mass.   
On each page of this site, you will find the video clips for each session broken into short segments.  In addition, you will find an attached Powerpoint presentation and a bulletin article insert summarizing the content of each session.
Attached here is an easy-to-view version of most of the changes affecting the people's parts of the Mass.  A few minor changes are not included.  People's Responses in the New Missal
For all the changes, as well as other information on the New Missal, view the US Bishop's website: Resources for the New Missal
In Christ,
Jeremy Miller