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PatternDescriptionCirca (best guess)Shapexref
PatternDescriptionCirca (best guess)Shapexref
Fairway White background, red and white plaid all-over pattern.  1955 Horizon  
Fairy Castle White background, art-deco green trees and orange flowers, castle on cliff 1920s   
Fascination - Studio White background, sprays of red & blue anemones 1965 Studio 2  
Favourite Burgundy rim with gold edging and cream coloured flowers with beige/tawny coloured leaves.. 1950s Apollo  
Ferndale White background, random chartreuse fern leaves overlaid with dark green fern leaves 1958 Grace & Lyric  
Filigree - Studio 2 White ironstone, fawn, purple and brown stylised flowers 1969 Studio 2  
Fleur de Lis Antique blue and white. 'Fleur de lys' feather pattern Post 1890  Antique Blue and White 
Flora White ironstone, floral sprays in pinks and browns early 1900s  Flora - Studio Stone 
Floradora Pink daisies, cream background, fluted 1930s   
Floral Beauty Pink or blue cottage-garden flowers on deeply scalloped shape. White background 1912-1920s   
Floral Dance - Studio Stone Flecked ironstone, yellowish floral 1974 Studio Stone  
Floral Melody Art-deco motifs of orange and yellow flowers, grey leaves, black accents, joined by black and grey leaf pattern. Green trim.  1920s   
Floral Queen Full-blown pink roses, yellow daisies, green leaves; also monochrome pink, blue or brown versions 1920s-30s   
Floral Sunrise Red and orange flowers, green grass 1930s   
Florentine Cream background, square, scalloped, cobbled rim, red and yellow floral, green leaves 1930s   
Florentine - Classic White White ironstone, brown geometric lattice patterned rim, central red rose moti post 1968 Classic White  
Florida White background, deep band of blue or green 'bubbles', gilt trim. 1920s-30s, 1950s with central floral motif Apollo Agatha 
Folkweave - Studio 2 White ironstone, brown chequered pattern on flatware, solid brown holloware 1975 Studio 2  
Forest Flowers Cream background, fluted and scalloped, sprays of cream, pale pink, orange and blue flowers, autumn leaves 1930s Diana (Jacobean)  
Forget-me-not White ironstone, forget-me-not flowers post 1968   
Forum White ironstone, wide blue scrolled band around rim 1960s Classic  
Fragrance Yellow rose, gilt trim. 1930s-40s   
Fremont Pink, green and brown scrolled pattern post 1900   
Frolic - Studio 2 Leaf and lines pattern, yellow, brown, blue and black 1971 Studio 2  
Gainsborough Various colourways, multi & monochrome, central fruit & flowers post 1968   
Gainsborough Blue Boy Reproduction of Gainsborough's "Blue Boy" - display plate ?1920/30?   
Galaxy - Studio 2 White ironstone, solid olive green saucers, olive-green and turquoise circular 'flower'  1973 Studio 2 Jessie Tait Galaxy 2 
Garden Fair Cream background, pink sweet-peas, blue cornflowers, yellow cosmos. Scalloped edges with gold trim 1930s Diana  
Garden Party - Studio 1 & Studio 2 Two designs - (Studio 2) upright flowers pink, orange, purple and blue (Studio 1) single blue and pink daisies (1) 1973 and (2) 1964 Studio 1 & Studio 2  
Garland Band of gold leaves and berries on white 1960s - 70s Classic White  
Geisha Flow Blue 1900  
Gem White semi-porcelain, grey floral transferware 1890+   
Gem Green and white floral transferware on semi-porcelain 1890+   
Genoa Ornate blue and white/green and white transferware 'teardrop' pattern  1890+  Antique Blue and White 
Geranium Pink, orange and white geraniums, pink, black and blue leaves, green accents; white background 1920s - 1930s   
Gladstone Red and blue floral sprigs, black and gold chequered band 1920s   
Glamorgan Cream background, slightly scalloped edges, green and gold border, yellow and blue floral medallions. 1930 Chester  
Glasgow White background, wide patterned green band on rim, floral ovals on corners, square plates. 1920 - 30 ?   
Glendale White background, narrow blue and yellow band around rim with red, white and orange floral panels on grey background 1920s   
Gloria Scalloped rims, cream background, delicate floral circle around edge, central pink and blue floral spray. 1930s, recreated for 1951 centenary   
Godfrey Cream background, floral rim on black, flora half-roundels with scrolls 1920s   
Golden Chain Solid yellow hollow-ware, flatware has laburnum (golden chain) blossoms on white background 1950s Grace & Lyric  
Golden Court Green and Maroon Burgundy colourways with gold leaf 22k 1940-50  
Golden Flame Wide band of yellow and orange autumn leaves below narrow brown & back geometric band. Black accents. 1920s Apollo  
Golden Harvest Cream background, tan and brown autumn leaves, red berries. Cobblestone rims, Crown 1930s   
Golden Laurel Border of laurel leaves. pink roses and rosebuds, white background 1950s   
Golden Orchid  White background, sprays of yellow orchids, fluted 1920s-30s?   
Golden Thoughts Cream background, yellow rose and rosebud. 1930s   
Goldilocks Deep gold roses, white flowers, dark green leaves, cream background 1930s   
Gorwen White background, pink roses, rosebuds, green leaves, joined by floral garlands. Embossed rim, black trim.  early 1900s ?   
Grace and Beauty Deeply scalloped edge, red and yellow tulips 1920s   
Granada White ironstone, grey bands with formal scrolls and flowers 1960s/70s   
Habitant Various colourways - red, blue, yellow, brown broad stripes with narrower black ones 1955 Studio 1 Frank Trigger  
Hague Antique blue and white, leafy tendrils around central flower 1890+  Antique Blue and White 
Hamburgo Green transferware 1890  
Hampshire Tawny everlasting daisies, cream background, cobbled scalloped rims, Sterling Colonial 1968  
Hampton Court White ironstone, monochrome pink stylised tulips and leaves 1964 Classic  
Hanging Basket Hanging basket of flowers on white background 1920s   
Happy Kingfisher Cream background, blue, red and yellow birds flying & sitting on stump, water, blossoms 1920s   
Harvest Field - Grace + Lyric Pale green holloware, white/hatched grey flatwear with pink flowers (sweet williams)& yellow grasses  1960 (Studio 1 1953-7, Studio 2 1964-1975) Grace/Lyric, Studio 1 & Studio 2  
Hastings Red floral band around scalloped rim, sprays of pink flowers, cream background  1930s   
Hawthorne White background, silver rim. White hawthorn blossoms, deep green leaves. 1950s Horizon  
Heirloom White ironstone, blue and sepia/bown flowers & leaves . 1960s Classic  
Heraldic Green or white and gold formal scrolls on white background, embossed rims 1920's   
Hibiscus Pink single hibiscus with grey leaves  1955 Horizon  
Hikers Country White background, sprays of wildflowers, country lane. Squarish plates, scalloped & embossed edges 1930s Diana  
Holiday Solid colours. Yellow, red, green blue, brown. 1957 Studio 1 Designed by Frank Trigger  
Home Ranch Unusual octagonal plate alternating straight and curved sides, embossed rim, tan trim, chair and trestle table in front of curtained window. Pot of flowers on opposite side. Cream background.  1930s Romney  
Homestead Antique blue and white, floral. Also a variation with sailing boat and windmill. 1890+   
Honey Rose Yellow rose orange black geometric pattern 1930   
Hope Louise Very ornate roses, other flowers and scrolls around rim, flow blue 1912+   
Hudson Antique flow blue, leaves and branches, patterned rim. Also in red and navy with greenish rim pre-1912   
Hyde Park White background, grey rim on flatware, grey floral design 1957 Grace  
Hydrangea Pink, mauve and yellow hydrangeas. Floral circle around centre, cream background. 1930s  Celeste - Duosol (Hydrangea) 
Impact - Studio 2 White stoneware, turquoise & blue floral design, solid turquoise lids and saucers 1969 Studio 2 Jessie Tait  
Imperial  Cream background, orange and gold floral corners, joined by patterned orange and gold bands, scalloped edges 1930s Diana  
Inca - Studio 2 Circular 'sun' motif, either brown and orange or shades of brown, geometric band around rim  1971 - Jessie Tait Studio 2  
India All-pink or all-brown version of 'Kashmir' - Indian style tree and flowers, geometric greek key patterned band 1964 Classic White Kashmir 
Indian Prince White backgropund, floral rim, pink, orange and blue with blue, pink, black and gold geometric band on outside. Central ornate floral design, orange, pink, yellow and blue 1920s   
Indian Tree Pink, green and blue tree and flower design, greek key band around rim  1912+   
Innocence Grey grainy background, stylised sprigs of pink and blue flowers, grey leaves. 1959 (Grace/Lyric), 1964-1980 (Studio) Grace/Lyric, Studio  
Innocence - Liberty Octagonal, deep basket-patterned rim, central "Indian" tree, brown on white 1970s Liberty  
Ipswich Blue and white, arches and medallions 1912+  Antique Blue and White 
Irma Green and pink raised floral-patterned rim, white background 1912+   
Isle of Capri Cream background, trees, harbour, hillside buildings, sailing boats 1930s   
Ivan White semi-porcelain, delicate pink floral transferware, gilt trim 1907+ Peerless  
Ivanhoe White background, narrow gold border with black squares and circles, red, yellow & blue floral sprays and semicircles at intervals around rim. 1920s   
Ivy White ironstone, grey ivy sprays 1890+   
Jackson Formal scrolled pattern on rim, central floral scrolled motif. Blue and white semi-porcelain 1907+   
Jade Solid green, 1940s (WW2 austerity measures prohibited the production of patterned china.)  1940s Glamour  
Japan Antique blue and white or green and white. Floral transferware, vaguely Oriental, very ornate. 1890+ 1890+  Antique Blue and White 
Jersey White background, narrow yellow dotted band on rim, border of ovals of roses on cream alternated with yellow scrolls on grey 1920s   
Jonquil White background, sprays of yellow jonquils & green leaves, central orange trim, green rims and gilding 1920s-30s  Jonquil Studio 
Julia Green or blue and white transferware. Scrolled leaves and flowers with gold highlights and edges. 1890+   
Juliette White background, single vertical band of pink roses and green leaves 1962 Grace/Lyric  
June Crinoline lady in garden 1930 Diana  
Kashmir Indian style tree and pink and blue flowers, brown geometric greek key patterned band 1964 Classic White India 
Kempton Red Orange and black geometric rim, inner floral band 1920s   
Kenmore Green patterned rim, gold scrolling, floral sprays on cream band, white centre with floral motif.  1920s   
Kent Yellow roses and blue flowers on patterned band around scalloped rim. White background. 1920s-30s   
Kentish Garden Thatched cottage, hollyhocks, cottage garden. Cream background 1930s ?Premier  
Kew White background, grey, nav, red and white patterned band around edge with yellow urns, wider band of pink and blue floral garlands around single floral spray.  1920s   
Kingsland White background, blue and white floral pattern on deep scalloped rim 1920s?   
Kingsley White background, pink and purple flowers 1950s Grace/Lyric  
Kingston Blue and white transferware, flowers and scrolls. Globe, eagle & crown backstamp post 1907  Kingston 2 
Kootenay Blue and white patterned rim, floral border. floral centrepiece  1890+   
Laburnum Orange and yellow laburnum sprays. Black dashed rim, solid yellow or green central band 1920s   
Lady Alice Pink roses, embossed, scalloped, white background ??1920s??   
Lady Margaret Single pink rose on white background, broad yellow (also seen in green) band, scalloped rims 1958+   
Lakeside Solid pastel yellow square scalloped rims, white centres tree,flowers,lake 1920s/early1930s 1920s/early 30s   
Late Autumn Cream background with gilt trim, autumn leaves, blossoms and purple berries 1930s  Blackberry 
Lavinia Very dainty yellow and pink floral swags & garlands below gilt embossed scalloped rim, white background 1890+   
Legato Outline floral with leaves and scrolls, dotted border, red or blue and white 1964 Classic  
Leif Ironstone, cream background, bold design of brown circles and chevrons 1970s Studio Stone  
Leland Blue and white or green and white transferware, semi-porcelain. Solid border above pattern of arches with finials and medallions post 1890   
Leon Brown or blue transferware. Roses on white background 1890s    
Libelle Strawberries, flowers and leaves. 1970-80 designed by Marjolein Bastin  
Liberty Plain white embossed ironstone. Fluted foot and rim, unusual handles part of rim and on lid post 1918    
Lilac Time Lilac tree in full bloom, lilac blossoms, 18th century figures in garden 1920s - 30s   
Lilian White background. gilt trim, grey/brown sprays of lily of the valley 1890+   
Lily Pink lilies and olive green leaves 1890+   
Lily - Antique Quite possibly the oldest example of Meakin china on this site. The plate is very heavy ironstone, green, blue and pink leaves and flowers around rim, two lilies on the centre panel. Extremely rare human-faced lion with crown and unicorn backstamp, definitely predates 1890. well before 1890   
Lily of the Valley Black and white chequered pattern, spray of Lily of the Valley in centre, silver trim 1960s Studio Lily of the Valley - antique 
Lombardy Ornate blue and white, daffodils. 1890+   
Lombo Burgundy transferware, white background. Scrolls and anemones post 1912   
Long Branch Flow Blue and White, green and white, floral, scrolls on rim 1890   
Lost Horizon This pattern was produced to help promote the film based on the supremely popular James Hilton novel of the same name. The pattern shows Colman and Wyman in the Eden-like surroundings of Shangri-la, near the monastery, and the plane that flew them to Tibet is also featured in a separate motif on each piece of china. 1937 Diana  
Lothian Green and white chequered band. 1920s   
Lotus White ironstone. Yellow lotus flowers, black leaves, Chinese characters 1950s?   
Lotus - Studio 2 Stylised orange and brown lotus flowers on white ironstone 1969 Studio 2  
Louis  Blue and white, floral and geometric rectangles, zig-zag around rim   
Louvre Antique blue and white, floral  1890+  Antique Blue and White 
Lucerne/Renaissance/Victoria Very similar patterns: blue or green band, white floral and leaf pattern. 1960s   
Lynton Fluted white, gold trim, delicate pink roses 1960s Classic White  
Madame du Barry Eighteenth century figures in garden, chateau and tree. 1930s   
Madeleine Cream background, yellow embossed rim, orange patterned band, stylised orange and black flowers, gold scrolls and garlands 1930s Diana  
Madison Ornate floral geometric band on rim, floral swags 1912+  Antique Blue and White 
Madrid - Studio 2 White ironstone, orange, tan & olive stylised floral pattern as large motif 1974 Studio 2  
Maid of Honour Grey hatched background, two pink roses & rosebud 1950s Grace/Lyric Carmen 
Mandalay - Studio 2 Turquoise, blue and white stylised floral and leaf design 1970 Studio 2 - Jessie Tait  
Maori - Studio 2 White ironstone, tan, brown & black tribal pattern, solid black flatware. 1966 Studio 2 - Alan Rogers  
Maplewood - Studio 2 White ironstone, grey outlined & solid maple leaves, geometric rim 1967 Studio 2  
Maplewood - Studio 2 White background, outline maple leaves.  1967 Studio 2  
Marcella Narrow panels of fruit and flowers (pink, red, yellow & blue on black) alternated with scrolled pattern (black on cream) around rim. White background. 1920s   
Marina  White ironstone, blue and olive green design 1969 - Jessie Tait Habitat, Studio 2  
Marlboro Deep blue peacocks & floral scrolled rim on white background 1920s   
Mars Semi-porcelain, flow blue with random gilt accents, scalloped edge. Sailing boat and floral garlands  Post 1890 Peerless  
Marseilles White semi-porcelain, greenish daisies and garlands with gold trim around rim. post 1907   
Marsh Mallow Orange and yellow marsh mallows with green centres and leaves, paler green rim with orange trim, cream background. 1930s   
Mayflower Large black, red, gold and blue flowers, green rim. Scalloped edges.  1920s   
Mayflower - Habitat & Studio White background, broad dark green cross-hatched band with white flowers and darker green leaves 1970 Habitat  
Meadow Lane Pink and blue flowers and grasses 1958 Grace/Lyric  
Medici White ironstone, yellow and white central flower with white leafy floral border on yellow band, fluted rim. 1964 Classic  
Melbourne Very ornate pink roses with blue shading and leaf pattern 1890s Peerless Melbourne Horizon & Studio 2 
Mentone Pink roses, green leaves on white semi-porcelain ?1890s  Mentone 2 
Mercey  Black geometric motif, blue & pink floral motifs around rim 1910 Colonial  
Meridian - Studio 2 White ironstone, mustard, orange and brown rectangles/circles/stripes, dark brown lids 1973 Studio 2  
Merrie England Pink or blue transferware, ironstone, rural English scenes with information about the scene in backstamp. 1960s onward ?  Romantic England 
Mexicano Mexican sitting by cactus. Very colourful. 1957 Horizon  
Michaelmas - Studio Band of white flowers with tan centres on an olive-green background. Olive green lid.  late 1960s Studio  
Milano White background, blue roses, horizontally hatched ovals and dotted 'x's in trellis pattern.  1964 Studio 2  
Milton Blue and white. Dark blue semi-circular border, ring of leaves with floral insets around rim 1920s   
Mink - Trend Beige stoneware with dark brown line around rim 1979   
Minster Scrolled pattern with darker trim 1912+   
Minuet White ironstone with blue-green stylised floral pattern 1969 Habitat - Jessie Tait  
Minuet - vintage Art deco, yellow embossed rim, large orange flower surrounded by smaller yellow flowers and grey-green leaves.'Triangular' cups with flat-top handles 1920s   
Misty Morn Solid blue and white cups on white saucers with delicate branches of blue blossoms. Solid blue lids 1950s Grace/Lyric  
Moderna Antique flow blue flowers & leaves pre-1912 Peerless  
Monaco - Studio 2 Pink and blue leaves (vertical lines) on white background. Solid black lids. Identical to Tropicana, 1957 1964 Studio 2 Tropicana 
Monarch Cream background, heavily embossed rim, band of floral panels and green or burgundy scrolling, plain cream band and central circular floral panel.  1930s   
Montpellier White ironstone, all-over lattice pattern with small pink flower in each diamond post 1968 Heirloom  
Moon Dreams Clumps of cactuses, pale grey and pink. 1955 Grace and Lyric  
Moorland Mink Cream flatware, narrow brown lines around rim & centre. dark brown holloware with moorland flowers and grasses. 1978 Trend  
Morning Dew White background, pale blue, grey and white sprays of daisies and leaves. Fluted rims, gilt trim. 1960s Classic White Morning Dew - Studio 
Morning Dew - Studio 2 White ironstone, thin black and grey rings around raised rim, central circular floral design in pink grey and blue 1980 Studio 2 Morning Dew - Classic White 
Morning Glory White background, pink and blue morning glory flowers 1953 Studio 1. Designed by Frank Trigger.  
Mycasa Green & white transferware, scrolled rim, floral 1890+   
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