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PatternDescriptionCirca (best guess)Shapex-ref see also
PatternDescriptionCirca (best guess)Shapex-ref see also
Acacia Bloom floral - orange, brown 1930's seen on both crown and glamour  
Academy formal -brown scrolls, blue & gold lozenges 1920s Colonial  
 Backstamp 1920s   
Acantha blue and white scrolls 1890+   
Agatha Wide blue-banded rim with 'bubbles' on white background. Thin darker blue patterned bands on either side of wide band 1912+  Florida 
Alaric Cream background, formal geometric patterned band, gold trim 1912+   
Alfresco (Studio 2) White background, double band of alternating tan and beige lozenges at bottom, single band at top, tan lid.. 1964+ studio 2  
Alhambra  Blue and White post 1912   
Allegro (Studio 2)  1964+ Studio 2  
Almeria White backgtound, narrow yellow bands with blue crown motifs alternated with flowers around edge 1920s   
Alpine formal - band of green white flowers 1930's Diana - 3 flower  
Ambassador formal - green band, scrolls, multi colour flower motifs 1920s  
Ambrosia floral - autumn tones orange yellow green leaves, green trim rim 1930's Diana?  
American Legend White ironstone, brown transfers, American historical scenes 1970s   
Amulet - Studio 2 Gold and orange roundels, black curved bars. 1964+ Studio 2 - Tom Arnold  
Andree/Blackberry Cream background, purple blackberries, white flowers, autumn leaves. original 1930s, reproduced for centenary   
Anglesea Blue and white arrow pattern Antique blue and white   
Animal Antics Various animal scenes: duck and worm, playing dog on white background. Made for B.P. promotion.  1950s ?   
Annabelle Cream background, yellow single-petal flowers, grey leaves late 1930s   
Aquarius Beige background, brown, tan and orange circular floral pattern 1964+ Studio 2  
Arabian Scene Domes and minarets, palm trees and crescent moon. Cream background, red, orange and black. 1930's - 50s   
Arcadia - 1 Blue on white with gilt trim; Chinese scene: lake, boat, kingfisher, full moon, red and yellow flowers, trees, bridge. 1910-1920   
Arcadia - classic  Fluted rims, white earthenware with stylised pink floral pattern. ca 1964 Classic  
Argent Bluish-green flowers, leaves and swags early 1900s Peerless Argent 2 
Arizona red, green, black stylized flowers & leaves 1920s   
Arlington formal tan border pink floral 1950   
Ascot Pinky-brown and yellow floral sprays. Solid brown holloware 1950s ?Horizon, Grace/Lyric  
Ascot - Studio 2 White ironstone, grey and white rectangles with black and white leaves. 1964 Studio 2  
Ashley White, orange and yellow flowers, gold rim and scrolling, embossed rims 1930s Geometric embossed rim  
Astoria Green vine leaves around rim 1912+  Waldorf 
Athena Formal - White background, intricate eastern-style flora acrolledl pattern band, blue and gold. 1920s onward Grace/Lyric and ? others? see milk jug  
Aurora Sprays of stylised Jacobean-style flowers, orange, pink, gold and deep blue around rim. Narrow blue band with gilt diamonds and squares around inner circle 1920s   
Austral Cream background. Scalloped edge. Abstract scrolled pattern. Yellow, red and green with grey lines, gold rim.  1930s Crown - bubble rim  
Autumn Crocus Blue red crocus in field. Brown-roofed house and meadow. Sol backstamp. 1920s    
Autumn Flowers  Cream background, scalloped edge with gilt trim, yellow and pink floral, single pink rosebud. 1940s-50s   
Autumn Flowers - Studio Stone Beige stoneware, flowers & leaves in shades of brown 1974 Studio Stone Whispering 
Autumn Gold White background, trees in autumn, piles of autumn leaves. 1930s   
Autumn Tints Delicate reddish-brown floral 1890+   
Avon - Antique Green & white transferware post 1890  Avon 
Avondale Pink, green or blue ironstone. Solid colour textured band, scrolls and floral sprays on rim, lush floral centrepiece. post 1968 Royal Staffordshire  
Azalea Floral - orange & white flowers C1930 Geometric embossed rim  
Azalea Antique Brown & white transferware C1907   
Aztec - Studio 2 Geometric rounds aqua lid green accent C1964 Studio 2  
Balmoral flow blue rim with gold edging and acanthus leaves , pink and green poppies; also a monchrome blue/green version post 1907   
Bangkok White semi-porcelain, narrow cobalt blue and lime green patterned band on rim, Blue and red floral sprays around edge, central picture of oriental flowers and peacocks.  1912+   
Bangor blue and white floral bands with blue 'picot' edging ca 1912   
Baroda Blue & gold, circular bands with lozenges, gilt trim. 1930s ?Diana  
Beatrice Cream background, cobbled rim, pink and blue floral sprays 1930s Crown  
Beauvais Grey floral transferware on white semi-porcelain; gold highlights. 1890+ Peerless  
Belgrave Cream background, solid yellow embossed border, green trim. Pastel pink and yellow floral panels around rim. White background, square plates with embossed rim and floral panels/ White 1920s, cream 1930s   
Belle-Vue Orange flowers, tan trim 1920s Diana  
Beta  White semi-porcelain, brown floral.  1890+   
Bianca - Maidstone Brown and white ironstone,central flower and scrolls. Cups and bowls solid brown. 1970s onwards   
Birds of Paradise White background,grey and white chintz daisy rim with panels of pink roses, green leaves, gold scrolls and tiny blue and yellow/pink and orange birds. 1910-1920s   
Birtley Cream background, Inner and outer gold rim patterned with lozenges, diamonds and circles, stylised oval red and blue floral motif 1930s   
Blackberry/Andree Cream background, purple blackberries, white flowers, autumn leaves original design 1930s, reproduced 1951 for centenary   
Blossom - Antique Purple or grey blossoms and leaves, white background 1890s   
Blossom Lane White background, pink blossom twigs, green leaves post 1950   
Blossoms White background, pink apple blossom 1920s   
Blossoms - Vintage Cream background, sprays of orange, yellow, pink & white blossoms, Sunshine Crown backstamp without candlesticks  1930s   
Blossom Time - retro Band of stylised tiny flowers, green on white background 1970s   
Blossom Time - vintage Bunches of pink, yellow and blue flowers, green leaves, white background. 1930s   
Bluebird Red and blue floral, blue swallows, white background. Square scalloped plates, gold trim 1920s   
Blue Danube Eighteenth century dancers in romantic floral outdoor setting 1920s   
Blue Nordic (aka Blue Onion) Blue & white stylised floral. Probably the easiest pattern to collect. 1964 Classic  
Bonanza Antique - pink blue flowers brown transfer leaves gold highlight; also plain brown transfer. 1890 ? a version of Peerless  
Bongo White middle, black and white hatched edges.  1960s - 70s Studio 2 not named in Chris Marks' index of patterns 
Bonjour - Heirloom Stylised pink petals, green leaves 1960s Heirloom  
Bordeaux Pink tea-rose sprays, white background 1930 Chester  
Bordeaux - Heirloom Red, green & white apple-patterned plates and sauces, solid red sugar bowl, cups and jug. 1950s-60s Heirloom  
Boscobel Acorns and oak leaves on grey cross-hatched background. Serving bowls plain brown with patterened lids 1960/70   
Boston Floral transferware, monochrome with yellow touches early 1900s   
Boudoir White backgtround, scalloped gilded rim, narrow solid green and patterned gold bands around edge 1912-1920s   
Braemar Cowslips and bluebells, ring of brown pattern with finials  1960s and 70s Classic White  
Braganza Formal green & white rim, green scrolled pattern 1890+ Peerless  
Brandon White background, narrow patterned band of grey and yellow around rim, inner red, purple and yellow floral sprays with green leaves, second narrow patterned band of yellow and grey  1920s   
Briar White background, gold geometric trim with blue lozenges on rim, stylised red & orange briar roses ?1920s   
Bridal Bouquet White background, blue and pink floral bouquet, tied with blue ribbon ca 1918 - 1930s, also 1953-60 Diana, Studio  
Bridal Rose  White background, scalloped edges with gold trim, full-blown pink rose with yellow centre, pink rosebuds 1940s-50s   
Brighton Bands of red & yellow stylised flowers, green leaves, blue background 1920s   
Bristol White background, green trellis pattern alternating with floral bands around rim and centre, single pink flowers with green leaves in between the two circles 1912-1920s   
Brixham White background, sailing boats with red and brown sails, fishing village. 1920s   
Broadway White background, band of blue flowers and blue 'cracks 1920s ?Diana  
Brocade - Royal Staffordshire Ironstone beige monchrome basket of roses in centre surrounded by garlands of roses, white background post 1968   
Buckingham Monochrome greenish rose in centre surrounded by deep rim of tiny rosebuds 1970s Classic  
Burlington White background, square scalloped plates, orange, black and gold floral around rim 1920s   
Burlington - Classic White background, deep fluted rim, gold edges, pale blue flowers and leaves with red centres 1960s Classic White  
Bute White semi-porcelain, brownish floral sprays with yellow and pink accents. Slightly scalloped rims. Eagle and globe backstamp  1890+   
Cadiz - Studio 2 White background, blue, black & turquoise stars, solid turquoise lids. 1968 Studio 2 Alan Rogers  
Calais White semi-porcelain, pastel pink roses with green leaves. Gold embossed scrolling. Scalloped edges, unusual indented handle on tureen lid. post 1890   
Cambria Sprays of pink roses with yellow and blue flowers on cobbled rim. 1930's Crown  
Cambridge Delicate lilac, grey and pink flowers, green leaves, scalloped rim. pre 1918 A Hudson- designer  
Camden Square plates, embossed yellow rim with inner green stripe. Pink, yellow and blue flowers, green leaves  1930s   
Camelot (1) Pink or grey repeat pattern around rim. (2) Completely different design, green roses and dahlias (1) 1950s, (2) 1975   
Campion - Trend Cream stoneware, brown trim, red campion flowers and brown leaves  1979 Trend  
Campo antique blue and white roses 1890 Antique Blue and White 
Canadian Scene  Cream background, Mountie, Rocky Mountains, village with church 1930s   
Cardiff floral sprays alternating with formal rim 1930 embossed rim  
Cardigan Autumn leaves and red rosehips, cream background. 1920s - 40s   
Cardinal White background, red bands with floral medallions around scalloped rim 1930s   
Carefree White background, some solid red holloware, red stripes and green leaves 1956 Horizon  
Carinthia  Antique blue and white semi-porcelain. Woman's face surrounded by flowers and scrolls, embossed. 1912+   
Carlton Blue yellow flowers Brown geometric 1930's Art deco embossed  
Carlyle White semi-porcelain, green/blue transferware poppies, leaves & scrolls. 1890+   
Carmen Single red roses on grey hatched background. Red holloware, white inner 1950s Grace/Lyric Maid of Honour 
Carnival White background, colourful flower sprays top and bottom, swallows in flight, abstract coloured stripes at sides.  1920s Square plates, scalloped edges  
Cashmere White background, transferware, green leafy pattern. 1890+   
Castile - Studio 2 Yellow and white symmetrical scroll patterned saucers and plates, solid yellow jugs and cups 1971 Studio 2 Castile- vintage 
Castilian White background, black and white striped rims with vivid floral sprays at intervals 1890+   
Castleton Blue and white floral patterned rims with medallions showing various castle scenes, "acorn" knobs on tureens. 1920s   
Cathay Blue and white ironstone, floral sprays in centre, diamond patterns alternating with floral sprays on rim after 1968 Royal Staffordshire Cathay 2 
Cathay 2 White background, yellow rose with blue, green and grey leaves ?1950s  Cathay 
Celebrity White background, patterned pink geometric/floral squares around rim 1965 Studio 2  
Celeste - Duosol Solid blue cobbled rim, either plain or patterned body. 1950s Glamour Hydrangea 
Celeste - patterned Solid blue Celeste body, different design transfers post WW2 Glamour  
Celeste - plain Solid blue. During WW2 and the immediate post-war period, only plain china was allowed to be produced. 1939-late 40s Glamour  
Celtic Broad pale yellow band around rim with floral sprays and patterned green edging. Narrow gold band around inner circle 1920s/30s   
Century Cream background, sprays of pink and yellow poppies, blue carnations, purple pansies 1930s Diana  
Chancellor Cream and gold roses and leaves on blue band trimmed with gold. White background 1930s Diana  
Chantilly Monochrome brown and white, scrolled patterned border, roses and dahlias  ?1890+   
Chaplet Antique blue/green & white transferware, circular motif in centre, patterned band, leaf pattern on rim 1890+   
Charming Purple and yellow flowers on green grass, cream background  1930s   
Chatham Antique green and white or pink and white "peacock feather" patterns, circular motif in middle. 1890s   
Chatsworth Ironstone, single grey and pink roses & yellow flower, plus grey semi-circles, around rim 1960s Classic White  
Chelsea Orange, gold & blue (sometimes the central flower is yellow rather than orange) on a cream background 1930's +   
Chelsea Roses Blue and white, rosebuds around rim, geometric circular pattern, central floral motif late 1960s - early 1970s Classic  
Chicago Green transferware on white semi-porcelain. Scrolls and flowers; green leaves with darker green veins 1907+   
Chile White semi-porcelain, brown transferware harbour city scenes and buildings 1907+   
Churchill Cream band around rim with blue/grey lower line and sprays of red & yellow flowers & roses alternated with grey scrolls 1920s   
Cintra White semi-porcelain, scalloped edges, pink roses 1920s   
Ciro Black and white leaf design on solid black, with black stripes. White background. 1956 Horizon  
Clement Blue & white stylised floral circular and scrolled pattern on rim. 1912+   
Cleopatra Ornate antique green and white transferware, large central motif of butterflies & flowers ?1890s Peerless  
Clevedon White semi-porcelain, delicate floral pattern of pink and blue flowers around rim, blue floral sprigs below and gilt trim 1912+ ?Peerless  
Climbing Gardens Cream earthenware, brown roses. mid-1970s Trend shape. mid 1970s Trend  
Cologne White semi-porcelain, slightly scalloped edges. Brown and white floral. 1890+   
Colonial Antique blue & white. Solid blue carnation pattern with leafy tendrils around rim, central single carnation. A second completely different pattern of the same name and vintage, flow blue semi-porcelain, fern fronds, scrolls and tendrils, vertical stylised floral motif. 1890s - 1907  Colonial - Sterling 
Concord  Monochrome grey flowers on white background Post 1907   
Coniston White background, blue-green flowers in outline, darker leaves, gold accents, scrolls. Semi-porcelain 1890+ Peerless  
Contessa White ironstone, grey geometric pattern of lines & medallions with central floral band 1960s   
Copenhagen Blue and white floral pattern divided into quarters.  1960s Classic White  
Coral Sea White background, grey and black fish, brown seaweed 1956 Horizon  
Cordon Bleu White background, blue embossed scalloped edges, deep blue vine & grape pattern late 1960s - early 1970s Sterling  
Cornfield - Trend Ironstone, large red poppies with ears of wheat, raised edge 1979 Trend  
Cornflower Blue & yellow cornflowers, cream background original design 1930s, reproduced 1951 for centenary Diana  
Cornflower - Crown Cobbled scalloped rims, orangey-red and grey cornflowers, orange grass and ribbon 1930s Crown  
Corona White octagonal plates, navy and brown patterned edges with orange flower inserts, orange and green garlands ca 1910 - 1920s   
Cotswold Cream background, sprays of brown leaves, large pink yellow and blue flowers. Also in shades of green and pink on white background ? late 1930s   
Countess White semi-porcelain, elaborate orange, tan and blue Jacobean-style pattern around plain white centre. 1912+   
Country Garden White, fluted rim, gilt trim, sprays of pink roses 1960s - 70s Classic White  
Country Lane - Studio Ironstone. Pink and blue flowers with green leaves 1964-1980 Studio Country Lane - Trend 
Country Life 1 Large central bunch of pink and yellow flowers, smaller sprays with touches of blue on rim 1950s   
Country Life 2 White ironstone with country scene - tree, cottage, river, rushes, flowers 1950s   
Country Tweed - Trend Ironstone. Cream background, green, blue or brown "fabric" band mid 1970s - 1980s Trend  
Coventry Narrow cream border with navy edge, floral inserts and navy and gold medallions. White background 1920s   
Creation - Studio 2 White earthenware with brown band along top 1975 Lifestyle - Studio 2 Lifestyle Range - Studio 2 
Creswell Antique, pink or grey banded rims, patterned with circular floral moitifs and twining leaves. Central circular floral motif. Ironstone 1890+   
Cries of London Heavily embossed display plates, white background, London scenes. 1950s 1950s   
Crimson Glory Pink roses with deeper red edges 1950s Horizon ?  
Crinoline Lady crinoline lady yellow, garden foxgloves 1930 Crown Crown 
Crosspatch White ironstone with oblongs of green, black and tan 1950s Studio  
Dahlia - Studio 2 White ironstone, light and dark orange dahlias with black dotted centre, light and dark green leaves. Solid brown lids 1970 Studio 2  
Dainty Formal rim geometric plus pink, blue flower motifs 1920  
Daisy White background, solid rim of deep blue daisies, deep scalloped edges 1920s?   
Damask Rose - Studio 2 White ironstone, very pale roses and leaves 1975 Studio 2  
Daphne Sprays of pink and white daphne blossoms on white background. Black edging on rims. ?1930s/40s?   
David Copperfield Cream background, house with red roof, lantern, boy (David Copperfield) and man (Mr Micawber?) 1930s Dickens series Pickwick 
Daybreak White background, pink, yellow and blue floral, scalloped rim late 1940s - early 1950s   
Decor 803 Yellow and orange daffodils, mountains, trees, lake. Cable-embossed rims 1920s/30s Diana  
Decor 804 Cream background, sailing boat, mountains, orange & yellow flowers with black centres 1920s - 30s   
Decor 905 White background, single stylised orange flower with leaves, narrow orange and grey bands 1920s-30s Diana  
Delaware Green or blue transferware - roses & scrolls. 1890+  Antique Blue and White 
Delicia Pink roses on cream background. original design 1930s recreated for 1951 centenary Diana  
Dellwood White background, embossed edges, sprays of blue roses and grey leaves. 1968 Sterling  
Devon Cream background, tiled-roofed house with chimney, cottage garden, gatepost, blue and orange flowers. Square scalloped-edge plates 1920s & 1930s Diana  
Devon Rose Very pale pink and white roses, green leaves, grey hatched background post 1968   
Diana Manners White background, scalloped edges with gold rim. Central cross-stitch floral pattern.  1920s   
Dolores, The White background, blue & gold trim, blue and yellow floral sprays. Squarish scalloped plates 1920s - 30s   
Domino Solid black holloware and lids, black spotted plates and saucers 1955 Horizon  
Donegal Red holloware, white multi-colour spotted flatware 1957 Grace & Lyric  
Dorchester, The Band of floral panels on brown and white striped 'canvas' 1920s - 30s   
Dorothy Pink blue white flowers, autumn leaves, bullrush 1945   
Dorothy Vernon Woman in Elizabethan dress, tower, floral sprays. Produced to promote the 1924 film "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall"  1920s (white), 1930s (cream)  Lost Horizon 
Dresden Blue Blue roses and leaves on border, central rose spray. late 1960s Sterling  
Dubarry White background, gilt trim, square scalloped shape, man & woman (presumably Louis XV and Madame du Barry) in 18th century dress, chateau and fountain. Possibly produced in response to movies entitled Madame Du Barry made in 1917 (starring Theda Bara) or 1919 starring Pola Negri or the 1930 movie, Du Barry Woman of Passion, starring Norma Talmadge.  1920s  Dorothy Vernon 
Duchess Burgundy and gold patterned band within white scalloped rim. Inner gold pattern. late 1940s, early 1950s   
Duchesse Blue and green/grey scrolls and garlands with pink and gilt highlights on white semi-porcelain 1890 +  Antique Blue and White 
Dunrobin Flow blue with gold accents, floral. Also in green with poppies and no gold. 1890+ Peerless  
Duosol Solid blue and white, embossed, WW2 austerity ware. 1939-44 Apollo  
Dusky Maid - Studio 2 White ironstone, dusky pink single rose, pinky-brown leaves, black flatware and lids 1964 Studio 2  
Dynasty White ironstone with central blue "Chinese" tree 1970s Liberty  
Eden - Studio 2 White ironstone, orangy-brown apples, orange flatware and lids 1964 Studio 2 Alan Rogers  
Edinburgh White ironstone, black or green floral, leafy, scrolled design. 1970 Sterling  
El Dorado Floral green or blue scrolled transferware, gold accents early 1900s   
Elite - Studio 2 White ironstone, turquoise central flowers, turquoise bands. Cups olive green and turqoise bands, solid turqouise saucers 1971 Studio 2  
Elizabethan Era Slightly different designs incorporating man on horseback, castle and river 1930s - ?50s   
Elmhurst White background, blue and grey trim on rim, stylised blue and yellow floral sprays with green leaves. 1920s Colonial ?  
Elmwood White background, navy band around rim with gilt trim, inner gold patterned band of linked circles, with central flowers, topped by fleur-de-lys 1912+   
Elysee Blue and white, delicate scrolls, tiny central motif, gold accents 1890+  Antique Blue and White 
Elysian Semi-porcelain, white background, delicate pinky-brown and blue floral pattern. 1890+   
Emly White semi-porcelain, floral sprays and scroll medallions around rim, gilt scalloped pattern around rim and centre 1920s   
Emperor Greeny-blue and white semi-porcelain. Large flowers and leaves 1912+   
Empire White background, gold and green narrow trim on rim, gold leaves and laurel wreaths 1912+  Empire 2 
Enchantress Small pink and blue floral sprays on embossed rim. Gold lines.  1930s   
Escort White background, deep crimson roses, dark green leaves. 1950s Studio  
Eskdale White background, stencilled pink and blue flowers, green leaves joined by brown textured band 1920s Colonial  
Essex Cream background, fluted rims. Yellow, orange and brown flowers & leaves 1930s Diana  
Essex - Antique White ironstone, brown transferware. Poppies  1890+   
Estreline White background, scalloped rim patterned with narrow band of small floral urns and garlands, blue scrolls, gold background 1920s   
Eucenia White, heavily embossed. Green scrolled pattern  1890+   
Europa White semi-porcelain, delicate floral scrolled band, pink, grey and yellow, gilt outline "feathers" 1890+   
Eva White background, gold-bordered rim, yellow with blue flowers and dark blue medallions with white flowers. 1920s   
Everton White, green looped pattern, green and brown moti early 1900s   
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