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PatternDescriptionCirca (best guess)Shapexref
PatternDescriptionCirca (best guess)Shapexref
Nantucket Broad blue-grey band around rim with pink roses and smaller yellow, pink and pale blue flowers. Gilt edge  1912+   
Navarre White semi-porcelain, pink rosebuds and blue flowers, garlands of leaves, gold trim, scalloped edges.  1890+   
Nebraska White background, pale blue band with panels of yellow daffodils, blue flowers and green leaves. Gilt edge, black border.  1920s   
Nelson Nelson in (historically inaccurate, should be blue) naval uniform with Lady Hamilton in a garden; ships of the line  1930s   
Nevada Formal - blue or green rim, greek key and gold trim  1910-1920s   
Newark White background, wide blue speckled band around rim with ornate scrolled lozenges centred with yellow urns of flowers.  1912+   
Newport  White background, banded rim of vertical black lines with pink and yellow floral sprays superimposed.  1912+   
New World Central red flower, red and black plaid, black leaves  1955 Horizon  
Night Club  Stylized stems of roses and leaves, pink, grey and dark green  1959 Grace/Lyric  
Nocturne White holloware, black plates and saucers 1964 Studio 2  
Nonpareil  Antique blue and white or purple and white, sprays of flowers and leaves  1907+   
Noorul Huda  Antique blue & white, poppies and leaves, blue rim  1912+   
Norfolk Geometric orange, grey and olive-green geometric patterned cobbled rim, interspersed with orange floral sprays with leaves & berries. Cream background  1930s   
Nottingham Formal burgundy stripe and patterned gold scrolling, white background.  1920s   
Old Chelsea White background, octagonal, heavily embossed. Blue roses, patterned blue border. See Summit, Serbia, Stafford & St Kilda for the same embossed shape 1910-1920   
Olde Avon Dale  Brown rural scene, haycocks, country house, trees and flowers  1950s-60s   
Old England Thatched cottage, rustic fence, trees and spray of flowers in foreground. Garden with blue larkspurs on other side.  1930s   
Old London Inns & Cries White background, various inn scenes  1920s-30s   
Old World Charm White ironstone, pastel flowers, scalloped rims  late 1960s - 1970s   
Olympia Antique blue and white. Scrolled patterned rim with bunches of grapes and vine tendrils  1912+   
One Fine Day One Fine Day White background, cherry tree in blossom, fence, swallows.  1958 Grace/Lyric  
Orange Grove - Vintage Orange and black trees, flowers, oranges, crescent moon, white background  1920s  Orange Grove - Sterling 
Orange Valley White background, solid yellow holloware, oranges, vertical orange stripe with black & grey leaves on either side  1950s ?early Studio  
Orchard Fair White background, yellow apples, pears and grapes  1950s   
Orchids Cream background, sprays of purple and yellow orchids  1958+   
Orleans White background, red and green arcs topped with green finials  1890+   
Oxford  Grey or blue and white ironstone, floral rounds & garlands on rim, central floral motif  1890+   
Pacific White background, grey chequered band around rim with white flowers and green leaves, black outline flowers at intervals, tan trim  1920s   
Pacific - Studio 2  White background, light and dark blue flowers, purple flowers, patterned centres 1973 Studio 2  
Pagoda  Antique blue and white, Chinese central scene, ornate patterned rim. 2 completely different designs with the same name.  1912+  Winchester 
Palace Narrow red and gold band round edge, gold arrows and arches  late 1940s-50s some produced in Grace/Lyric shape  
Palencia Grey rim, tan patterned bands. White background  ?1920s   
Palma - Studio 2 White ironstone. brown, tan & yellow sunflowers. Solid orange lids & saucers 1966 Studio 2  
Park Lane Blue and white floral pattern alternating with geometric  1965 Classic  
Pembroke Antique blue & white, wide floral scrolled band around rim.  1890+   
Peony  Yellow & cream flowers & buds.  late 1930s   
Peoria White semi-porcelain, octagonal plates. Heavily embossed, pale blue-grey inner border with gold lozenges as intervals, central round grey, gold and black motif. Holloware has half central motif on sides. Early 1900s. Same shape as Serbia, Summit etc.  early 1900s   
Perola  Green and white transferware, scrolls and peacock feathers.  1912+   
Persian  Intricate grey and white/brown and white Byzantine pattern  1890+   
Persian Garden White background, garden scene with lake and bridge  1920s   
Pickwick  Cream background, coach-and-four leaving inn, signpost, fishing rods  1930s, recreated 1951 for the centenary Diana, Dickens Series David Copperfield 
Pilgrim - Antique White with brown trim, central urn with fruit and leaves  early 1900s   
Pimpernel  Cream background, gold accents, solid red central band, embossed rim around centre single red pimpernels with green leaves  1930s Apollo  
Pine Cones - Studio 1 White ironstone, brown pine cones and green pine needles  1954 - Frank Trigger Studio 1  
Plum Large red plums, green leaves 1950s Heirloom  
Plymouth Pink, blue & yellow flowers and geometric blocks, embossed rim, cream backgound 1930s   
Poppy Red and white poppies on white ironstone 1973 - Eve Midwinter Studio 2  
Portland Pastel flowers and scrolls  1907+   
Prelude Central pink rose surrounded by olive-green scrolls  1965 Studio 2  
Premier White ironstone with brown floral sprays 1890+   
Prince Charlie  Scottish theme, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald, bagpipes, heather  1930s   
Princess Ida White or cream background, scalloped rim, floral sprays with pink roses around rim  1950s (cream background = 1930s)   
Princeton Grey and tan narrow semi-circular patterned bands interspersed with pink roses and yellow and blue flowers on wide cream band. White background  late 1920s - early 1930s   
Priory Blue & white transferware, central scene with floral patterned border  pre 1890   
Pussy Willow White background, blue flowers 1930s - 1960s   
Pyramid  White background, shades of blue. Geometric patterned rim, rectangles and pyramids on lighter blue band  1912+   
Queen Elizabeth  White background, red and blue patterned bands on rim, red, purple & green floral motifs alternating with purple garlands  1920s   
Queen Mab Cream background, light and dark green and grey stripe, green single thistles & leaves  late 1930s   
Queen Mab 1920s White background, single stripe in shades of green, grey outline. Green and grey thistles.  1920s   
Queen Mary  White background, pink floral blocks alternating with navy on rim, rings of geometric shapes underneath  1910 - 1920s   
Queen's Rose White or cream background. Large sprays of pink roses.  1950s   
Radiance  Cream background, cobbled rims, gilt trim. Blue & pink/red floral sprays with yellowish leaves.  1930s   
Radiant White with blue trim, beige and grey roundels, daisy pattern on cream band, circles and arcs.  1910 -1920s   
Rainbow  Blue, mauve, yellow and red anemones on cream background. Gilt rims, blue accents. Cobbled rims.  1930s Apollo (Crown)  
Rambler Rose Small pink roses and leaves. 1930s   
Rambling Rose White ironstone, all over pattern of pink stencilled roses. late 1960s early 1970s Sterling  
Regal Antique green/blue transferware, floral scrolls on white semi-porcelain  1890+   
Regency Red and white stripes  late 1940s-1950s Apollo  
Regina Antique blue & white, floral with solid blue scrolled rim  1912+   
Reina  Pink and blue floral sprays, green geometric patterened/plain band  1930s   
Renaissance/Victoria/Lucerne  Very similar patterns: blue or green band, white floral and leaf pattern.  1970s Heirloom  
Richelieu  Pinky-brown fountain/dovecot design, semi-porcelain  1890s   
Richmond White background, grey band patterned with pink and yellow shapes, floral swags, central pink and blue floral motif  1912 through 1920s   
Riverside  All-over pinky-brown pattern of bridges, flowers and trees with yellow accents on deep cream background  1912+   
Riverside - Studio 2  White ironstone, rectangular blocks of lime and tan with black leaves alternated with outlined branches  1964 Studio 2  
Rivoli White background, broad blue and white scrolled patterned rim  1920s   
Rochester Green transferware, scalloped rim, deep border of cabbage roses, vines and scrolls  1890+   
Rock Fern Solid blue holloware with white inners, dark grey/black ferns on grey textured background  1958 Grace/Lyric Rock Fern - Trend 
Roma  Pale blue rim with pink roses and green leaves. White background  1920s   
Romantic England Olive-green, brown or pink ironstone with English scenes 1950s-60s   
Romany Sprigs of purple and white heather 1959 Grace/Lyric Romany Studio 
Romona  Narrow mauve rim with floral motifs, wider raised cream band with violets, carnations and bluebells, central floral motif on white  1920s   
Rondo - Studio 2  Original pattern - 1964 Multi-coloured stripes Second pattern 1971 Brown lines, blue, purple and brown circles 1964, 1971   
Rosa, Antique  Semi-porcelain, white background, brown transferware rose sprays.Unusual Eagle & Globe backstamp.  bef 1912   
Rosabella Yellow rose, green & pink leaves  1956 Horizon  
Rosalie - Antique Orange roses, semi-porcelain  1890   
Rosalie - Apollo shape Pink and yellow roses, gilt trim, scalloped edges, cream background  1930s   
Rosalie - blue & white Classic early English floral design with fine scroll work  1890+   
Rosamond White semi-porcelain. grey floral outline pattern  1907+   
Rosa - pattern 2 Pink and yellow briar roses, designed by S B Swan  1950s   
Rosa - pattern 3 Pink background, bands of full-blown pink roses  late 1940s ?   
Rosa - pattern 4 Pale pink background, slightly open pink briar roses & green leaves. Scalloped edges.  1950s ?   
Rosa - patterned Floral transfers on solid pink background  1930s   
Rosa - plain Solid pink coloured body produced during & just after WW2 when production of patterned ware was not permitted  late 1930s - late 1940s Glamour  
Rosario White background, purple roses. Also with pink roses, scalloped edges and gilt trim  ?1950s   
Rosebery White background, scalloped, embossed rim, yellow roses and bronze leaves  1920s   
Rose Duet Pink and yellow roses on grey hatched background  1955 Grace/Lyric  
Rosemount Blue patterned band with pink and white floral panels, white background, gilt trim. Flatware has cherry tree in blossom in centre  1920s   
Roseneath White background, triangular panels of pink and yellow roses on black background, gold scrolls. Central floral panel. corner floral garlands.  1920s   
Rose of Sharon Grey hatched background, pink rose and rosebuds  1950s Horizon  
Rose Peony White semi-porcelain, flow-blue roses in deep border around scalloped rim  1912-1920s   
Rosina - Studio 2 White ironstone, single red rose, black lid  1965 Studio 2  
Rosine Very pale pink or blue roses, gilt accents 1890+   
Rossmore  White semi-porcelain, grey, brown or blue transferware flowers and leafy tendrils  1907+   
Royal Square plates, scalloped edges. Orange, blue, yellow and black floral border panels joined by brownish leaves.  1920s   
Royal Edward  White background, yellow and orange scrolled floral panels joined by navy blue bands scrolled in gold  very early 1900s   
Royal Princess White body with cobalt panels alternating with orange and green floral panels on a grey floral background around edge. Scalloped edges.  early 1900s- 1920s ?   
Royal Rose White background, gold trim, panels of a single pink rose surrounded by a gold laurel wreath.  1920s - 30s   
Rydal Semi-circular sprays of red, orange & blue flowers & leaves. Cobbled rims.  1930s   
Sampler Blue and white ironstone, "cross-stitch" sampler pattern  after 1968   
Sandgate  Cream background, panels of yellow tulips, pink roses, triangles of blue urns and gold scrolling  1930s   
Scandia  Blue and white ironstone, quartered floral pattern around central circular motif  1965 Classic  
Scarlet Beauty Scarlet roses, white background  1950s Glamour  
Scraffito - Studio 2 Geometric ovals pattern, black on white  1965 Studio 2  
Sea Breezes Yachts and flags  1961 Grace/Lyric  
Serbia  Cream with embossed floral and line pattern. blue and grey flowers, yellow band, gold edge 1910-1920s same embossed octagonal plates as Summit, Solent, Peoria, Stafford & St Kilda  
Serena  White background, scalloped edge with gilt rim. Sailing boat, pink, red and yellow floral sprays. 1920s  1920s   
Serenade 1) Crimson roses, white background. 2) Single crimson rose, hatched background 1) ?1940s, 2) 1950s 1) Apollo 2) Grace/Lyric  
Serenity Pink and yellow roses, blue flowers, white background  late 1940s, 1950s   
Serenity - Studio 2 White ironstone, spray of purple and pink cosmos  1965-1970s   
Sevres Flow blue, orange and green flowers 1890+ Peerless  
Shangri-la - Grace & Lyric White background, blue tree and stork  1959 Grace/Lyric  
Shangri-la Studio 2 White ironstone, panel of white daisies and leaves, tan, brown and white berries on lighter tan background.  1965, 1971 Studio 2  
Shantung  White ironstone, brown transferware country scene, river, men in boats. Solid brown holloware.  1975 Liberty  
Shrewsbury White background, embossed rim, pale pink floral sprays.  1890+ Peerless  
Silhouettes Chequers  White ironstone, blue chequered triangles joined by blue ring  1970s   
Silhouettes Simplicity White ironstone, circular motif made of lines and curves, blue or black  1970s   
Silverwings White background, swallows, clusters of orange berries, black leaves  1920s   
Solent Octagonal embossed plates,white background, central circular floral panel, single flower on each of the eight sides. Pink, yellow and mauve roses, red flowers. 1910-1920s same octagonal shape as Serbia, Summit, St Kilda, Stafford  
Somerset  Grey, brown or green transferware on white semi-porcelain. Flowers and ferns.  1890+ Peerless  
Somethin' Blue Wide pale blue band with central blue rose on white  1950s Glamour  
South Seas Solid colours, sometimes with white inner  1956 Horizon  
South Wind  White background, grey lines forming diamonds containing red, light and dark grey 'S' shaped motifs, solid red cups and lids  1955 Horizon  
Splendid  White background, square scalloped embossed plates. Floral baskets alternated with blue and gold patterned panels on rim.  1920s   
Spring Feeling Pink apple blossom, green leaves, swallows on white background.  1950s Grace/Lyric  
Spring Field - Studio 2 and Sterling Blue, pink and yellow floral on white. Solid deep blue lids  late 1960s-1970s (Studio 2 1966) Studio 2, Sterling  
Spring Morn White background, scalloped edges, pink and purple anemones, green leaves.  1920s - 1940s (with break 1939-45)   
Spring Morning - Studio 2 Very dense green, white and blue floral transfer lithograph on white ironstone  1975 Studio 2  
Stafford Blue and white, octagonal, central flowers, leaves around embossed rim  1910-1920s same octagonal shape as St Kilda, Serbia, Summit, Solent, Sydney,Old Chelsea   
Stafford - Green White semi-porcelain green transferware daisies & leaves  1890+   
St Clements - Studio 2 Oranges and lemons on white ironstone. Solid yellow saucers and lids. 1975 Studio 2  
St Kilda  Small motifs of pink rose, yellow pear and purple plums in footed urn, white background. Black trim  1910-1920s same octagonal shape as Stafford, Solent, Sydney, Old Chelsea, Serbia  
Stone Ledge Deep band of Aztec-style geometric pattern, blue and white  1920s   
Stratford Stage White ironstone, brown transferware, coach and horses, village inn, church. 1968+  Stratford 
Summer Cottage White background, leafy sprays of pink roses, gilt scalloped edges.  1950s   
Summer Garden Colourful English cottage garden, blue trim, square scalloped plates 1920s   
Summertime Yellow daisies, grey hatched background, solid yellow holloware 1952 Grace/Lyric  
Summit White with triangular panels of blue and yellow urns and scrolls around edge and similar circular motif in centre.. Heavily embossed. 1912-1920 Same octagonal shape as Serbia, St Kilda, Sydney, Old Chelsea etc.  
Sunbeam Delicate pink and grey floral sprigs early 1900s   
Sun Glow  White background, orange tulips, black trim. Square scalloped plates, square tureen  1920s   
Sunningdale  Cream background, embossed rim. Motifs: autumn leaves, red & orange flowers on grass, hills and trees  1930s   
Sunnyside  Pink and orange floral panels joined by leafy streamer. Cream background  1930s   
Sunny Spain  White background, orange tree, woman in shawl, man seated at table, cottage, garden.  1920s   
Sunset - Studio 2  Circular tan, orange, brown and white "flower" motif, thick black ring around rim 1971 Studio 2  
Surrey Ware White background, orange and black floral scrolled panels 1920s   
Susan Pink and blue asters on white background 1950s   
Sutherland  White semi-porcelain, pastel blue and gold scrolling, pink roses, blue flowers, grey and green leaves. Grey textured border and central band with floral medallions  1907+   
Swansea  White background, gilt trim, sprays of red, yellow, white and blue flowers  1920s   
Sweetheart Rose  White background, sprays of pink roses and blue forget-me-nots, green leaves  1950s Glamour  
Sweet Nell  King Charles ll, Nell Gwynn with basket of oranges, Old Drury Theatre  1930s   
Sweet Pea 1 Antique blue and white, sweet peas.  1890+   
Sweet Pea 2  Cream background, cobbled rims, pink, purple and mauve sweet peas.  1930s   
Sweet Pea - Studio 2 White ironstone, pink sweet peas  1980 Studio 2  
Sybil  Sprays of red, blue and yellow flowers, white background, blue trim  1930s   
Sydney  Blue floral on white embossed background. Octagonal plates  1910-1920 Same octagonal shape as Serbia, Stafford, Old Chelsea, St Kilda etc.  
Sylvania  Orange and black on cream background. Red-roofed house, trees, sun, birds. Black trim.  1930s   
Tapestry  White ironstone, white rim, blue and white "tapestry" inner  1960s & 70s   
Tapestry - vintage  Chintz background of grey daisies, sprays of blue, pink,yellow and cream flowers and leaves. Deeply scalloped edges rimmed in black.  1920s   
Texas Green and white transferware, floral scrolls  early 1900s   
The Belmont  White background, narrow blue and yellow patterned geometric band around rim, blue and yellow baskets of flowers, inner blue and yellow band with scroll and urn medallions  1920s   
The Dolores  White background, blue & gold trim, blue and yellow floral sprays, squarish scalloped plates.  1920s - 30s   
The Dorchester Band of floral panels on brown and white striped 'canvas'  1920s - 30s   
The Duke  Yellow rose and rosebud, greenish-brown leaves, white background 1954 - Frank Trigger Studio 1  
The Garrick  Patterned rim of gold scrolls & urns, black medallions and grey bands  1920s   
The Grantham  White background, triangles of blue, red and yellow cottage garden flowers joined by floral band  1920s   
The Grenadier  White background, orange and blue patterned rim, scalloped edges  1920s   
The Hamilton Pink, green and purple floral rim, gilt trim  1910-1920   
The James Peach roses and white daisies. Gold embossed scrolling  1910-1920s   
The Lancaster  White background, black scrolls and geometric panels on gold band around rim  1910-1920s   
The Margate  Yellow and red floral panels alternated with blue scrolled panels. Patterned rim and inner ring, yellow and blue. White background.  1910-1920s   
The Montrose  Deep blue textured band with red, white and pink floral panels and red and yellow motifs  1920s  Montrose 
The Old Days  White background, hunting scene, red-roofed house and thatched cottage. 1920s ?   
The Sandown White background, pink or blue scenic transfers, sprays of roses and decorative scrolling on rim.  1920s  Sandown 
The Selwyn Red and blue floral panels alternated with green and red scrolled panels and patterned ring around rim and centre  1920s   
The Yeomen of the Guard  Beefeater, jester, woman in blue, Tower of London. Gilt trim  1930s   
Topic - Studio 2  Dark and light blue 'sunflowers' with olive green leaves. Olive green flatware and lids  1967 Alan Tate Studio 2  
Toreador  Bulls and floral panels on wide blue rim, central bull-fighting scene  ?1890+   
Trellis  Bamboo stalks and leaves in trellis pattern. Blue or brown.  1970s Liberty  
Trianon Broad burgundy band with gold scrolls on white background 1920s   
Tripoli  Purple floral arches, rim patterned with circles, white background  1912+   
True Love  White background, full-blown pink roses and green leaves, squarish plates, saucers  1950s   
Tudor Roses  White ironstone, all-over monochrome pattern of pink roses, rosebuds & leaves.  1950s   
Tulip  White background, monochrome pink full-blown tulips and fern leaves.  1912-1920s   
Tulip Time - Studio 2  Solid colour holloware, white flatware with stylised tulips. Blue or green  1971 Studio 2  
Tuscany - Studio 2  White ironstone, dark brown, blue & yellow circular stylised 'sun' in geometric-patterned rectangle. Circular border 1971 Studio 2  
Tyrol Ware  Cream background, dashed black band around rim, fir trees, dancing couple in Tyrolese national dress, red and yellow flowers  1930s Diana  
Universal White background, scalloped edge, blue or brown floral & lattice patterned border.  1910 - 1920 Peerless  
Utopia - 2 patterns  Green floral transferware with touches of gold, on white semi-porcelain. Also a completely different blue version with large flowers and scrolls.  1890+   
Vanity Fair "Cross-stitch" patterned bands around rim, central rose floral spray, grey hatched background on white  1960 Grace/Lyric  
Vanity Fair 2 White ironstone, all-over pattern of blue flowers and dots  late 1960s Liberty  
Venetia Antique grey and white floral  1890+   
Vernal  Brown and white transferware, semi-porcelain. Trumpet-shaped flowers on twining leafy vines  1907+ Peerless  
Victoria - Antique  White background, green and gilt patterned rim, band of green clover leaves, green central circular geometric pattern.  1890+   
Victoria/Lucerne/Renaissance  Very similar patterns: blue or green band, white floral and leaf pattern.  1970s Heirloom  
Vine - 2  Colourful wreaths of vine leaves and grapes around rim, stylised vine in centre. 1930-40   
Vine/Blue Vine  White background, pink or blue grapes and vine leaves with darker bands of colour, embossed  late 1960s Sterling  
Vintage  Fluted rim with gilt trim, border of bunches of grapes and grapevines  1964-5 Classic White  
Violets Delicate sprays of violets on white background, gilt trim  1890+   
Violets - Antique Antique blue and white, violets and garlands  1890+   
Virginia  Antique transferware, blue or green, white background, 18th century country scenes  1890+   
Vogue Solid red hollowware, white background, striped red & grey saucers and plates 1955 Horizon  
Waldorf  Green scrolled band around rim  1890+   
Waterlilies  White background, square scalloped plates with embossed rims, cream waterliliy with red centre, red and blue flowers, green leaves  1920s   
Wattle  White background, sprays of wattle flowers, embossed rims  1930s   
Wayside - Studio 2  White earthenware, brown rim. Pink and blue wildflowers with green leaves  1980 - Jessie Tait Studio 2, Lifestyle  
Welcome Home  Variations on a log cottage or frontier village in the woods  1960s; earlier version in a different shape 1920s Sheraton (1960s)  
Wellington  Very ornate, white semi-porcelain, scalloped edges, flow blue single roses, gilt trim.  1890+    
Wentworth  White semi-porcelain, feathery blue scrolls and leaves, gilt highlights  1907+   
Westbury  Flow blue, semi porcelain, white background. Deep scrolled band with darker patterned edges  1907+   
Westminster  Green, blue or pink and gold geometric patterned bands around rim, on white background  1920s   
Whispering Grace/Lyric, Studio Gold, black and grey grasses on white backgound. Solid black or brown cups. G/L 1957, Studio 1971 Grace/Lyric, Studio 2 Whispering - Maidstone 
Whispering - Maidstone  Stoneware, white background, solid brown holloware, brown long-stalked poppies on lids, plates and bowls  1971 Studio 2 Autumn Flowers 
White Alpine  White background, blue rims, white Alpine flowers with grey leaves  1950s   
White Sails  Red yachts with yellow and white sails, sea and cloudy sky background  1950s   
Wicker  Brown or blue diamond pattern with geometric and floral bands on white ironstone 1968+   
Wild Berries  Stoneware, sprays of pink and white berries and blossoms  1980   
Willow  Green or blue traditional willow pattern on white ironstone.  1975 Liberty  
Winchester  Blue and white lattice pattern with floral scrolled medallions  early 1900s  Pagoda - second pattern 
Windermere  Pink and yellow orchid-like flower sprays original design 1930s, recreated 1951 for centenary   
Windfall  White background, solid colour cups. Scattered coloured leaves and twigs on flatware  1960 Grace/Lyric  
Window in Thrums Cream background, cobbled rims, scalloped edges highlighted in green. Flowers on windowsill, lantern, inspired by J.M. Barrie's book "A Window in Thrums" (1889)  1930s Apollo  
Windswept  Stoneware, cream background, brown grasses.  1979 Trend Windswept - Classic White 
Winter, Spring, Autumn Leafless tree, black fence, haystack, grey clouds; same tree with green leaves, same tree with yellow leaves and haystack.  1955 Horizon  
Wishing Well  Ballerina on points at wishing well in moonlight. Pink or green with solid colour holloware  1960 Grace/Lyric  
Wistaria  Pink and blue wisteria blossoms, white background. Cobbled rims  1930s   
Woburn  Orange and brown "embroidered" floral pattern ironstone, white background  1968+   
Woodbine Blue & white floral patterned rim, swags of daisies.  1920s   
Woodland  Green & brown oak leaves & acorns, hatched background. Solid brown cups and lid  1958 Grace/Lyric  
Woodlands  White background, pink clematis flowers, grey and green ivy leaves and tendrils  1958 Grace/Lyric  
Woodrow  White background, sprays of simple orange blossoms, brown stile 1912-early 1920s   
Woodside  Cream background, sprays of berries & autumn leaves. Sol backstamp with candlesticks. Very similar to Blackberry, but without blossoms.  1930s  Blackberry/ ?Andree? 
Woodward  White background, rim of pink and blue floral sprays joined by green patterned band on cream background  ?1920s   
Worcester  White background, gold diamond pattern, gold bands and rim  1912+   
Yellow Magnolia  Cream background, gilt rim. Sprays of magnolia blossoms 1930s Diana  
Yokohama Yokohama Antique green & white, green patterned inside rim, floral  1890+   
York  Antique green & white scrolls and hatched lozenges, floral sprays  1890+   
Zinnia  Yellow and blue Art Deco flowers, grey band, white background  1920s   
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