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The site is an ongoing work.  Many J & G Meakin wares do not come with pattern names on the backstamps. This makes pattern identification difficult, but, over 12 years, we have managed to name nearly 900 patterns.

We acknowledge the assistance of all eBay and other online sellers for the use of their pictures.  We also acknowledge Chris Marks, author of J & G Meakin Pottery: History in the Making  (ISBN 978-0-9557171-0-9)  a fabulous book documenting many Meakin patterns and shapes.

Anyone who is not happy about their pictures appearing on this site is welcome to contact us and we can take them down.  However, please remember this is a not-for-profit public service site.  It can help enhance the value of these collectables.

A useful site for dating backstamps is http://www.thepotteries.org/mark/m/meakin_jg.html
For a brief history of the firm to 1956, seehttp://www.thepotteries.org/features/meakin1956.htm

Please remember that the general rule of value is

It's worth whatever someone is prepared to

Centenary plate (1951) showing James & George Meakin, the founders of the company.

Advertisment in the Townsville Daily Bulletin 4 February 1939.

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1941 advertisement in the Melbourne Age (above)
1950 advertisement in the Hobart Mercury (below)


1935 article in The Illustrated London News                                        
"The potter's skill in modern English pottery: examples from the kilns of J & G Meakin; with designs in red and black on a cream ground, by Miss Dora Billington"
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