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World of Meah Shearim and the Edah HaChareidis

Last update: 27 Sivan 5768 / 30 June 2008

Groups affiliated with the Edah HaChareidis

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Groups not affiliated with the Edah HaChareidis

Zhvill - Pinsk-Karlin - Karlin-Stolin - Kretshniff - Bobov - Skver - Aleksander - Boyan - Belz - Ger - Rachmastrivka - Slonim - Sanz-Klausenburg 

This website isn't strictly about Meah Shearim only, however, since that is the most well known name by which outsiders often refer to all of Chareidi Yerushalayim, it was chosen as the name of this website.

The aim of this website is to provide a view into the various movements found in Yerushalayim עיה'ק. The website aims to provide a neutral and factual view on current events, however, our news and commentary is dependent on the hashkofoh (religious outlook) of the Edah HaChareidis.

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