Multiple Emulator And Game Runner Environment.

MEAGRE is a 
Windows based front end for all Windows based emulators.


Gameboy Advance Emulators
NES emulators*
SNES emulators*
N64 Emulators
Sega Master System emulators*
Apple II
Atari 2600 emulators
Atari 5200 emulators
Windows Based Executables

The above are built into the software but it also has the ability to add your own emulators as well.

Why another front end?

What I wanted was a front end for my favorite games.

I didn't need a front end to show every game on every system but instead show
all games from a specific series and have each one of those games playable.

For instance, you might list every King's Quest game regardless of what
emulator was needed (ScummVM, DOSBox, Sega) and be able to instantly
play any of those games.

I also wanted a playable game database. Like a version of "Home of the Underdogs"
that existed on my computer and where every listing was playable.

This really was a personal project created for myself. But after seeing what else is
out there I thought I'd make it public as well.

Other things I wanted in a front end and added to Meagre:
- Showing the box front, back, media, screen shot, and title shot all at the same time.
- The ability to add modern games simply by pointing to the exe without any emulator set.
- All games kept in a central location.
- The ability to move the entire game folder to another directory or drive.
- a front end for DOSBox options where I could configure different .conf files
- the ability to click a link such as a designer or system and show related games.
- sorting functionality, by year or system for instance.
- An "image sheet" area to show all games or all games in a specific category

Hope you like it as much as I do!

*I know, some of those are redundant once MESS was added but MESS can be difficult to use so I left the other code in.