My first graphic novel "Identity Thief" is a suspenseful monster thriller published Fanboy Comics. It is written by Bryant Dillon and features 80 pages of hand painted illustrations by Meaghan O'Keefe.

When Daphne and Craig move into a new apartment, they have every reason to believe that they have left their troubled past behind them. Everything seems perfect, but after the discovery of a mysterious hatch in his closet, Craig begins to realize that something disturbingly inhuman is seeking a way into his home, desperate to enter his life in the most intimate and unsettling way possible.

"O’Keefe’s twisted artwork may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but fits perfectly with the tone of the book. Her artwork is moody and downright creepy. In fact, it might even give you nightmares."
- comicbooked.com

"...gave me a skin-tingling chill that I won’t soon forget." 

"The star of the book is the artwork of Meaghan O'Keefe. Like I said before this novel isn't very wordy, hence it's dependant on how good the artwork is. O'Keefe sommoned her inner Sam Keith ( artist of The Maxx). Her monster was creepy as hell and reminded me of the scary paintings of Francis Bacon. Her work is full of flow, is shadowy, and takes life as each page turns. For a horror book, Fanboy Comics chose an excellent arist for this novel. I think O'Keefe is an amazing talent..."

"The art work is different, dark, moody, at times interesting in an arty way. Megan O’Keef [sic] does an interesting job of floating the idea of what a shell monster would be like. The story line helps keep you engaged, but it is the combination of almost a minimalist story line along with dark brooding art work that helps define the book."
- comicsforge.com

"I loved the art style of the book. It’s great for the creepiness...scary as shit at times"
- comicbastards.com

"...enjoyably creepy tale that brought me back to the early days of the X-Files...Meaghan O'Keefe's painted artwork harkened to Edvard Munch's "The Scream". Scary fun!" 


- Customer reviews

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