Popping Out



This tutorial was written using Paintshop Pro XI However can easily be done using earlier versions.

Supplies Needed:

PaintShop Pro

Tube of Choice**I'm using the work of John Schwegel. To use his work, you may purchase a license through MyPspTubes http://www.mypsptubes.com/john-schwegel.htm

Font Of Choice

Now let's begin!

1.Open a new 450 x 450 transparent canvas and floodfill with white.

2.Select your preset shape tool with the following settings: 


Circle, anti alias and create as vector checked, line style solid - width 15, 

3.  Now choose a lighter colour from your tube and x out the background fill.  Draw out your circle

4.  Select, Object, Aligh, Center In Canvas.  On your layer palette, right click on your shape layer and convert to raster layer.

5.Click on your selection tool using the magic wand and click on the inside of your circle.

6.Select within the middle of the circle and click on Selections, Modify, Expand and expand by 5 pixels. 

7.On your layers palette add a new raster layer and floodfill with a gradient of your choice.
Drop this layer below your preset shape layer. Click selections, select none.

8.Copy your tube and paste as a new layer on your working canvas. Resize as necessary but
not too much so that it can still "pop out" of the tag. Add a dropshadow using the
following settings: 




9. Now for the part where we make our tube pop out! Make sure your tube layer is active
and the top layer on your palette. Lower the opacity to about 50%. 

10.Click on your selection tool using the freehand selection with the following settings: 


Point to Point, Mode: Add, Feather & Smooth: 0, anti-alias checked

11.Now select all the parts of the tube you wish to have pop out from the top of your
preset shape.

***Tip*** Zoom in to about 300% or more to be as accurate as possible.

12.Once you have made your selection, making sure you end up where you started,
right click and you should see "marching ants" around where you have selected.

Do NOT deselect

13.On your layers palette, right click on your tube layer and select Promote Selection
To Layer. Bring your tube's opacity back to 100%. Click selections, select none and
then move your tube layer below your preset shape layer, leaving your promoted selection
layer above your preset shape layer.

14.Using your freehand selection tool with the same settings as above, select all the
remaining parts of the tube you don't want popping out. Once they are selected, hit
delete on your keyboard and then select none. 



15.  Highlight your preset shape layer and add the same dropshadow you used on your tube.

16.Add any copyright info needed as well as your watermark. Add any text as well.

Thats it, I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial!