The Meadows of Terra Linda is governed by a set of condo rules, known as the CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions). The rules can be read by visiting the Real Manage website and logging into your Resident Portal. (If you have not created a log in, you can do so on the website.)

The CC&Rs are in the process of being updated.  In the event of a rule violation or nuisance issue, call Barbier Security at 415-747-8473.

Common Rule Violations

  • Guests can only park in unmarked guest spots. Every numbered parking spot is reserved and allocated to a designated unit.
  • Pets must be kept under control while in the complex at all times.  Dogs are not allowed off-leash.
  • Thistle Lane is a service road only and is not for loading or unloading. Do not take the chain down to drive through Thistle Lane.

Pool and Tennis Court Rules

Please read the signs to acquaint yourself with the rules before using the facilities.

Below are the pool rules. Keep in mind no lifeguard is on duty:


1.  In case of emergency call 911.  For Barbier Security Group call 415 747-8473. 

2.  You must be 14 years or older to use pool facilities without adult supervision.  An 18 year old or older may supervise not more than 3 minors 13 years or younger.

3.  Pool toys or flotation devices are not allowed in the lap pool.  Kickboards are permitted.

4.  Diving is not allowed in any pool.

5.  No running or ball playing is allowed in the pool area.


1.  Use the showers in the pool area prior to entering the pools.

2.  All children who aren’t toilet trained must wear swim diapers and plastic swim pants while using the pools. 

3.  No smoking.  Smoking is prohibited in or near the pool area.

4.  No pets are allowed in the pool area. 


1.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pool area.

2.  No glass or breakable containers are allowed in the pool area.

3.  No grills are allowed in the pool area.

4.  Be considerate of others and pick up after yourself.


1.  The pool hours are between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm.

2.  Wear proper swimming attire.  Shorts, cut-offs and tennis attire are allowed in the pool area, but they are not allowed in the pools.

3.  No radios or other music devices may be used except with headphones or ear pieces.

4.  The large pool is for lap swimming only.

5.  Collapse umbrellas after use and replace chairs and lounges to their original positions.

6.  A maximum of six (6) guests per unit are allowed in the pool area at any one time.  The guests must be accompanied by the resident.

7.  Any cost for repairs caused by misuse of facilities will be charged to the respective owner.  Unit owners are responsible for damage caused by tenants or the guests of a tenant.