Fire Safety

With the fall 2017 Northern California wildfires, all of us became aware of the heightened risk of fire that is present.  

1) GENERAL COMPLEX-WIDE INFORMATION: The HOA Board of the Meadows of Terra Linda work pro-actively with our vendors to address and mitigate fire risks present on the property.  We working with our tree vendors at Bartlett Tree care to identify individual trees that may be risks.  We work with our landscapers to address landscaping issues that may present fire risks.  And we work with J&D, our general maintenance contractors, to address other risks on the property, such as pine needles on roofs, etc.  If you notice something on the property that you feel is a fire risk, please bring it to the attention of Realmanage.  Please know that in the event of a catastrophic fire loss, the complex is fully insured to be rebuilt to current codes.

2) INDIVIDUAL OWNERS: As an individual owner, or renter, please take the time to ensure that your yard, patio, or balconies are free from accumulation of dry vegetation, pine needles, etc.

3) WILDFIRE SAFETY:   If there is a wildfire in the area, be ready to evacuate on short notice.  If you see a wildfire and haven't received evacuation orders yet, call 9-1-1. Don't assume that someone else has already called.  If ordered to evacuate during a wildfire, do it immediately- make sure and tell someone where you are going and when you have arrived.  If you or someone you are with has been burned, call 9-1-1 or seek help immediately; cool and cover burns to reduce chance of further injury or infection.

3) EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: This is a good time to practice and increase your emergency preparedness in a calm, thoughtful, and deliberative manner.  It is a good time to consider what you would need in the event of an evacuation.   The following are emergency preparedness recommendations drawn from GET READY: Marin County Household Disaster Preparedness documents, and Community Emergency Response Team members:
    1) Prepare a list of top 10 items you would take with you in the event of an evacuation.  For help with this, go here.
    2) Create a household emergency kit, and a car emergency kit.  For help with this, go here.
    3) Create a go bag with necessary supplies that is ready for you to bring with you.
    4) Get on the alert list with the County Sheriff's office so you can be kept appraised in the event of an emergency. Go here.
    5) Keep a paper map in the event satellites fail or cellphone service/ Google is down.
    6) Keep your car pointed outwards to simplify evacuation.  Keep your gas tank full-ish.
    7) Don't forget to breathe.  Practice self-care, and engage the relaxation response by intentionally staying present, calming   
        yourself down, and engaging in self-calming activities.  Stay connected with sources of support- friends, neighbors, spiritual   
        resources, nature.
    8) Emergency preparation can be overwhelming, both logistically, and psychologically.  Pace yourself.  Find something on the    
        list to work on, and take it forward one step at a time.  Rest.  Take the next step.
    9) Remember that taking the time to prepare in advance may not only save your life, but will likely make a high stress situation
        significantly more manageable.