When should I call RealManage? When should I call Barbier Security? When should I call J&D Services?

RealManage is responsible for managing the Meadows of Terra Linda. They should be the first resource for any questions, concerns and issues around the complex. If there is a non-emergency facilities issue or an emergency during business hours, call RealManage at 866-473-2573. RealManage also tracks all calls that come in through that number and so can keep track of recurring problems.

Barbier Security has been contracted with to do security walk-throughs of the complex and respond to any security questions. If there is an emergency, call 9-1-1. If there is a rule violation, nuisance issue or security problem, call Barbier Security at 415-747-8473.

J&D Services is the primary maintenance contractor for the complex. Most issues should first be brought to RealManage, which will then work with J&D Services. However, you can contact J&D Services to address any personal maintenance issues you are responsible for at your own cost. Additionally, if there is a maintenance emergency outside business hours (such as a severe power outage, a large flood, or a fallen tree), call J&D Services directly at 415-883-3306.

Who should I call for maintenance of my Air Conditioning unit?

The Association recommends Aaero Heating and Air Conditioning in Novato: 415-897-4187.  Ongaro & Sons of San Anselmo is another reputable option: 415-454-7400.

How can I get keys made for the clubhouse, sauna, pool/tennis courts, and gates?

Contact RealManage at 866-473-2573 to have keys made.

What can I recycle?  What can I compost?

Follow Marin Sanitary Service guidelines that are present in each garbage enclosure for what can be recycled and composted.

Where can I compost at the Meadows?

Compost bins are located within the black-circled sections of the map below.

map of composting locations at the Meadows

What general maintenance is the condo HOA responsible for?

The HOA is responsible for all common areas (pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, and grounds), as well as the buildings themselves. This includes roofs, stairwells, outside walls. The HOA contracts with J&D Services for all maintenance work in the complex.

What general maintenance am I, as a homeowner responsible for?

Homeowners are responsible for all interior walls and everything within their unit. This extends to the pipes directly within their walls. But, the HOA is responsible for the main lines.

How can I make architectural changes to my unit?

Download the architectural changes application.