Board and Committees

The Meadows of Terra Linda Homeowners Association Board meets the third Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. in the Clubhouse. All are welcome to attend.  The first 15 minutes of each meeting are designated as a homeowner's forum.  Then follows the business of the board, according to the agenda for that meeting.

Jeanne Lee
President, term expires 2020

Natalie Shapiro
Vice President, term expires 2020

Mary Pepple
Treasurer, term expires 2019

Gabriel Kram
Secretary, term expires 2019

John Prohaska
Director, term expires 2020

Patrick Bendy

Director, term expires 2020

Dana Sherwood
Director, term expires 2020

The following are the working board committees. 


Architectural: (Chair - John Prohaska, Members - Richard Lockman, Jeanne Lee) Aside from architectural applications, the committee is looking into sustainability and energy efficiency. They are also considering standardization issues such as window replacements and sound-proofing in second-floor units.

Maintenance and Utilities: (Chair - John Prohaska, Members - Leslie Katz, Jeanne Lee) Target 10% reduction in utility costs by increasing recycling, reducing garbage output, looking into more efficient water heaters and lighting. Addresses plumbing and electrical conditions.

Recreation: (Chair- Marcelo Marcondes, Members - 
Pat Cercos, Sommer Schafer) the Recreation committee is responsible for social gatherings at the Meadows.  Historically it has organized the Holiday Party, and the summer BBQ, as well as other community events that provide the Meadows community an opportunity to gather, socialize, and deepen connections and relationships.

: (Chair - Gunilla Soderqvist, Members - Michelle Barton, Jan Burval) the landscape committee works with the landscape contractors to monitor and make suggestions about landscaping throughout the Meadows 22-acre property.  The committtee engages in monthly property walk-throughs with landscape contractors, and is actively involved in developing proposals to beautify the complex.  At times the committee collaborates with landscape architects to propose new landscaping designs for the complex.  Recommendations are then brought to the Board.

Tree: (a sub-committee of the Landscape committee): (Chair - Gunilla Soderqvist, Members - Jan Burval) The Tree committee is responsible for the nearly 1000 trees on the Meadows property.  Working with our Certified Arborists, Bartlett Tree Experts, the committee monitors trees and their maintenance, and determines where and what kinds of trees should be planted for the future. Recommendations are then brought to the Board.

Communications: (Chair - Gabriel Kram, Members - Natalie Shapiro) In addition to updating the website, creates newsletters, and builds better community outreach.

Green: (Chair- Katie Gaier, Members- Gabriel Kram) Investigates ways of conserving energy and resources, making the complex greener, also focused on solar and Electric Vehicles.

CC&R: (Chair - Jeanne Lee, Members - Pat Cercos, Natalie Shapiro) Review current CC&Rs, identify areas in need of change, obtain proposal and best practices from counsel, draft updated CC&R for board and counsel review, then go out to vote for approval by Homeowners

Pest: (Chair- Katherine O'Neal) Make recommendations for ecologically responsible continued improvement of pest control measures at the Meadows, including rodents, termites, etc.

Club House Restoration: (Chair- Mary Pepple, Members - Sheila Ogden, Gunilla Soderqvist) Strategic planning for improvements and renovation of the Meadows Clubhouse

If you are interested in joining a committee, please email: