Comments and praise from guests, newbies, and long-time players about Meadows' playerbase, plots and roleplay, and the MUCK in general.


"Thank you so much for opening Meadows and for all the dedication you've given all of us through it. Meadows is always going to be among the top places I've played." - Thorne

"I don't think it's any secret that I've enjoyed this TP a lot. The story line was excellent. It allowed for a lot of sustained interaction between characters who would have never spent so much time together, otherwise. Absolutely beautiful." - Therdde

"I'm pleased so much story is happening, and people are so welcoming. I've never been on a MUCK where it all seemed so put together." - Blackberry

[From a guest watching an ongoing RP scene:] g.Fox drops head on paws, seeming rather sucked in to the story unfolding before her. It's just like reading a book!