Volunteer Information

Reminder - all volunteers must check into office.
Volunteers are a very important part of the library program at Meadows.  Volunteers undergo a thorough training at the beginning of each school year.  This information serves as a reminder to our trained volunteers.  If you have not been trained please do not shelve books.  When tidying up after a class, please put all books on the white table near the reading area - do not reshelve.  Only shelve from the wooden shelving cart. 

Sign In.  Please sign in at the front office and the sign in sheet on the wooden shelving cart.

Book check-in.  Remember to watch the screen for any error messages.  Please do not add these books to the shelving cart.  Just leave them on the desk for me to sort.

Library Cards (Kinder and First Grade Only).  Click on the Check Out screen and then scan each card’s barcode.  Students who have 0 items checked out may borrow a book. Place their card on the left side of the desk.  Students who still have a book checked out, cannot check out a new book.  Leave their cards next to the scanner.

Book Check-Out.  I check out all books.  This is my 30 seconds of face time with each child and helps me learn what our students are reading.  

Book Shelving.  Books to be shelved are on the wooden cart.  Only shelve books from this cart.  White spine label has the necessary information.

 F [chapter books] go on the top two shelves, alphabetized by the first three letters of the authors last name and continue on the low shelves in the center of the library.

E [everybody picture books] go on the bottom three shelves, also alphabetized by author.

Numbered spines.  Go in the non-fiction room, organized by number and secondly by first three letters of author’s last name, if necessary.

Paperbacks.  Designated as F PB.  These are in the non-fiction room on the paperback carousals, also alphabetically.  Shelves are marked with letters to facilitate organization.

Books designated 92 go in the biography section on the right wall.

Shelving Exceptions.  These are series books or books I am puling for displays or teachers.  I will try to pull these books so they don’t get shelved with the rest of the books.  That is why I sort the books that are checked in each day.  

Book Covers.  These are books that need plastic book covers.  

Scholastic Flyers:  Flyers need to be separated into individual booklets.  These arrive monthly.

Tidying up the Library: Students leave books on the white tables and these should be neatly stacked.  Pull out any books that obviously fit the theme wall and place them back on the wall.  Do not reshelf from these stacks.

Cleaning.  Paper towels and cleaning spray are located in the white cabinet under the window.  Tables always need cleaning, as does the computer area and book shelves.  Feel free to take a display area, remove all books, clean the shelf, and put the books back.

Shelf Reading.  Looking at the shelves carefully to make sure that all books are in their proper place.  Areas that are usually out of order include dinosaurs (567), pets (636), animals (599).

Helping Students.  Keeping students focused on the task at hand, suggesting books, etc.