Scholastic Books

Again this year, all Scholastic book orders will be handled through the Meadows Library. 

Approximately once per month, your child will receive a paper brochure and order form for books.  Checks should be made out to Scholastic Books.  These can be returned to your child’s teacher, to the office, or directly to the library by the end of the month.  Orders take from 3 to 4 weeks to arrive so please be patient. 

You can also place your Scholastic book orders directly on line and pay with a credit card.  Go to  Parents must sign-in and create a password and user name. Use class activation code GRVLY to get started.  Do not add your order by your classroom teacher name.  Use Chris Primm if you search by teacher. If  you are ordering gift books for your child, I am happy to  hold them in the library for you so that they remain a surprise.  Let me know via email ( if you need me to do this.
Ordering books through scholastic is an inexpensive way to build your home library and earns points for our library and classrooms to acquire free books.

Any problems or questions with scholastic books should be directed to Chris Primm in the library,