Library Rules and Policies

  • All children are encouraged to check out books during their weekly visit with their class to the library.  Students are encouraged to check out books at their reading level but children are not denied a book because it is above or below their reading level.  

  • Each child may check out the number of books that corresponds to their grade level, i.e. 1st graders may have only one book at a time, 2nd graders may have two, etc. Kindergartners may also check out one book.
  • Fines.  No fines are charged for late books but children are expected to return books weekly during their library time, during recess, or before and after school. Exceptions are made for books being used for school book reports or research papers.
  • Children are financially responsible for the books they check out. If a child loses a book they need to pay for it. Checks should be made out to MBUSD.  Please stop in the library to handle this transaction.
  • Students with outstanding books or unpaid lost books at the end of the school year will have their report cards held in the school office until their library obligations are cleared.

  • The library has a small collection of donated books for parents. Parents are welcome to check these books out and additional donations for our parent library are always welcome.

  • Courteous and quiet behavior is always expected in the library.