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Weekly Newsletter

 A few reminders:

  • If you will be missing the Saturday meet, please fill out a vacation card by the Tuesday morning preceding the meet. We start meet planning every Tuesday night, so this information needs to be available.
  • Parents are NOT allowed in the following places: warm-ups, heating area, and behind the blocks. You may cheer from the sides of the pool behind the coaches, officials and stroke judges. Please don’t crowd the ends of the pool since judges also need to have access on turns and starts. Timers will also be at the shallow end during 8 & under races.
  • A lineup will be posted in our team tent. This lists all your races for the day and the event number for each race.
  • A board near the heating area will display the current race number being called to heating. When your race number is shown, please send your kids immediately to heating. Coaches and volunteers will take it from there and help get them to the proper place. Again, parents may not stay in the heating area. 
  • Please do not leave the meet without checking with Carla or Talia. We need to make sure you are not needed for a relay.
  • Please eat healthy at the meet. No sugary snacks even if they are being sold in concessions. It is supposed to be warm, so please hydrate.
  • If you don’t have your team suit or cap yet please see Carla.

Good luck this week, swim hard and improve those times.

Carla and Talia