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Weekly Newsletter

June 1, 2017
​Welcome to summer (finally)! This week our meet is at
Boulder Elks Club, 3975 28th St. Take US 36 into Boulder and follow 28th St to the Elks. The pool is almost out of Boulder … turn left at the Sunrise Assisted Living sign just past Kalmia. Please plan your time accordingly, as warm-ups begin promptly at 7 a.m. Please get situated in your area and be ready to go when called. If you miss your allotted warm-up time you can’t make it up with another group.


Parking is available on the east side of the building and in the surrounding neighborhood.  There is no parking in the RV area or on the west side at Sunrise. We will set up on the southeast side of the pool in the grass area, the half of the pool without blocks.


A Few Notes:


  • You all must wear team suits and our black caps. Please let Carla know if you don’t have a team suit yet.
  • Parents are NOT allowed behind the blocks at any time, including warm-ups.
  • Parents are NOT allowed in the heating area. Please get your swimmers there, wish them good luck and leave.
  • Do not leave the meet without first checking with Carla or Talia.
  • Be mindful of what you eat - no doughnuts! Drink lots of water, as it’s supposed to be very warm.
  • All kids will be given either a pink or blue card for each event before the meet starts. Sean or Bobby will have your cards. If your family is new to Meadowglen and you may not recognize them, don’t worry – it will be fairly easy to spot the folks handing out cards in our team area. Please keep track of the cards; it is a scramble to make duplicates.
  • Please fill out vacation cards by the Tuesday before meets. It is important that we know by Tuesday - that is when we enter kids in events.
  • Some of the little ones are not ready to compete this week at all or are not swimming multiple events.  We have high hopes that this will change by the meet next week.


A problem has arisen with respect to our swim team equipment. Carla arrived at practice Tuesday to find one of our storage bins on the deck; it was very alarming. We have been told that this was done by some of our swimmers using the equipment on their own time. Our equipment is only to be used under the supervision of our coaches and never on your own! Since this incident, it appears that the use of our equipment was seen by others at the pool, and subsequently, it is now being used by non-swim team members. We ask all Meadowglen residents to please tell anyone seen using our equipment to please put it back in the bin. The guards will also police this. We believe there are a few missing items. They are expensive to replace, and we don’t want to have to do this anymore. We really appreciate any help you all can give us.


We are very excited for our first meet. Welcome to all our new families - we are enjoying your kids.


Good luck Saturday … we know all of you will try your hardest.  Also, remember practice makes perfect (hint hint).


Carla and Talia

Fourth of July:

The Fourth of July celebration is our main fundraiser of the year. We need helpers in our swim team tent to work a 1-hour shift. Melissa will have sign-up sheets available Saturday. We also need drink donations to be dropped off by next Friday.

Drink donations are as follows:

            • 8 and under: Water
            • 9-10: Sports drinks 20oz
            • 11-12: Sports drinks 20oz
            • 13-14: Diet soda
            • 15-18: Regular soda.

Thanks to all for your help.

Don’t forget about the team raffle and fun events

Tickets for the swim team raffle are attached below, and they are only $1.00 each. You do not have to be present to win. Please turn in your filled-out tickets and money to Carla if you are not attending the celebration. If anyone has items to donate for our raffle please let Carla know. We appreciate your generosity!

Fourth of July schedule:

9:00 a.m.:      Fishing derby

10:30 a.m.:    Fire truck leads parade up west 80th Dr. and Estes to the clubhouse and then sprinkles the crowd with water

11:30 a.m.:    Toddler toy dive, bouncy house, giant 2-lane water slide, music, beer, wine booth and delicious concessions at the swim team tent

1:30 p.m.:      Pool games, relays, money dive, belly flop contest, etc.

2:30 p.m.:      Watermelon- and pie-eating contests

3:30 p.m.:      Swim team raffle

 A few reminders:

  • If you will be missing the Saturday meet, please fill out a vacation card by the Tuesday morning preceding the meet. We start meet planning every Tuesday night, so this information needs to be available.
  • Parents are NOT allowed in the following places: warm-ups, heating area, and behind the blocks. You may cheer from the sides of the pool behind the coaches, officials and stroke judges. Please don’t crowd the ends of the pool since judges also need to have access on turns and starts. Timers will also be at the shallow end during 8 & under races.
  • A lineup will be posted in our team tent. This lists all your races for the day and the event number for each race.
  • A board near the heating area will display the current race number being called to heating. When your race number is shown, please send your kids immediately to heating. Coaches and volunteers will take it from there and help get them to the proper place. Again, parents may not stay in the heating area. 
  • Please do not leave the meet without checking with Carla or Talia. We need to make sure you are not needed for a relay.
  • Please eat healthy at the meet. No sugary snacks even if they are being sold in concessions. It is supposed to be warm, so please hydrate.
  • If you don’t have your team suit or cap yet please see Carla.

Good luck this week, swim hard and improve those times.

Carla and Talia