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Wind Auditions

We are playing the Carmen Suite No. 1 by Bizet on our final concert, and we would love to have you wind and percussion players join us.  This will be mostly individual work with a couple of sectionals and short mass rehearsals.  Orchestral wind and percussion playing is a little different than in band, and as an orchestral wind player, I want it to be done well.  I believe that it is a short but distinct jump in playing technique and well worth the effort.  Playing with a full orchestra is a unique and rewarding experience.  

Our auditions will be held next Monday morning and a sign up will be posted on Mr. Rengstorf's office door (the former smallest practice room/guitar storage).  Our concert is June 3rd and we will be playing one additional full orchestra piece in addition to the Carmen Suite No. 1

Orchestral wind and percussion playing is stylistically specific, and audition will be based on not just note accuracy but style as well.  The best way to get to know the style is to listen to recordings.  There are many fantastic recordings of Carmen Suite No. 1 on youtube, so have a listen and pay attention to articulation, phrasing, note length, balance and other stylistic features.  

*The excerpts are the bracketed sections*

Flute 1, and Flute 2/Piccolo - Feel free to audition for one or both.  No metal piccolos please; save those for outdoors only.  We will take one of each.

Oboe - We may take up to two

Clarinet - We will take two; one first and one second clarinet.

Bassoon - We may take up to two.  

Horn - We may take up to four.

Trumpet - We will take two.

Trombone - We will take three, and the third part may be played on bass trombone.  Feel free to audition for just 1st, 2nd, or all 3rd parts.  For the 1st part, include the bassoon excerpt (second page).  

PercussionWe will need timpani, bass drum, snare, triangle, and tambourine, but I've included only the tambourine part.  It is the hardest for what it is and will be a good indicator for the other instruments.