This past September we purchased four school cellos.  We hope to eventually have enough for every cello player in the largest orchestra.  Having school cellos removes the need for students to bring their personal cellos back and forth in order to practice at home.  Not only does this make it easier for students to practice and protect students' instruments, it also gives students the opportunity to play on higher quality instruments than many of them own.  We invested in instruments that are better than the standard student level instrument because they are a long term investment that will be used and enjoyed by many students for many years.  We also purchased good quality hard cases to protect the instruments when in transit to festivals and contests.  

The instruments were built and delivered by Ian Edlund of String Instrument Specialists.  If you are looking for an instrument and have cause to be in the Olympia area, I highly recommend you see Ian.  

To further protect the instruments and facilitate the ease of their use, we commissioned a local Eagle Scout candidate to build us locking cello cabinets to keep in our rehearsal space.  Matthew Battern sought donations for materials, guidance for plans, and put in many many hours of work to build us fantastic cabinets.  The finished product is durable, functional, and looks great.  The wood stain mimics the finish of string instruments and contributes to the atmosphere of orchestra in our shared rehearsal space.  The orchestra program at Meadowdale is extremely grateful to Matthew and his family and friends who pitched in to help.  We wish him luck on his Eagle Scout application.  Here are some pictures!