Fund Raising

We hold three fundraisers during the school year that support Individual Student Funds. Each student has their own ISF account within the Meadowale ASB, and all funds raised are put into that student's account to be spent on music department uniform and travel costs. When money is due for these items, it will be withdrawn from a student's ISF before any remaining payment needs to be made. You can check your ISF balance here. They are listed by student number. The three ISF fundraisers are:

Entertainment Books
We have begun selling Entertainment coupon books. Students can check out a books/envelopes from Mr. Horenstein in the choir room and return for more once they are sold. Books are to be sold for $25.00 (cash or check payable to ESD), and if we reach our goal of 150 books sold as a department, students will be credited $10.00 per book sold into their ISF account. All money collected and unsold books need to be returned to Mr. Horenstein by October 28th. After this date we can no longer accept any unsold books and students will be fined for the cost of the books. No need to wait until the end of the sale to turn in money. Feel free to turn it in as soon as possible and check out more books to sell. Feel free to contact Mr. Horenstein at  with any questions you may have.

Holiday Gift Wrap
In December, we will have a gift-wrapping table set up at the Fred Meyer on 196th.  Students and parents can sign up for gift-wrapping shifts. We don't charge for gift-wrapping, but we accept donations and at the end of the holiday season, students' ISF accounts will be credited based on the number of hours they worked. Check back for more details and to sign up for shifts in December.

World's Finest Chocolate
In February and March we will be selling chocolate bars. Students can check out boxes to sell and a percentage of the profits will be credited into students' ISF accounts. Check back for more details.