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Here you will find everything about Trout Fishing at Meadowbrook.  Along with pictures we will have a log of all Brown Trout over 16 inches, Rainbow Trout over 14 inches, and Brook Trout over 12 inches caught on Meadowbrook property.  Please let us know of any large trout caught and we will include them in our log.  If you have a picture of the fish and/or the fisherman we will take that too.

Fishing News

Reduced Trout Numbers?

Many Meadowbrook fisherman as well as fisherman up and down the river have reported catching fewer fish than usual this year(2104).  A talk with the local DNR biologist, who is also an avid Pine River angler, confirmed there was indeed a reduced trout population.  The biologist attributed it to two factors.  The first being two 100 year floods in the past 5 years which changed much of the habitat as well as washing smaller fish and insects downstream.  In addition we had a much colder than normal winter last year.  The good news is he is sure the trout population will recover in two or three years.  The better news is the Pine River is still a beautiful and productive natural river.
Update (September 2015)
No hard scientific evidence involved but the general consensus of our trout fisherman is that the fishing and fish numbers are improving.
Update (September 2016)
This year showed continued improvement in fish numbers, especially 10-14 inch rainbows.  We are even seeing an increase in the numbers of brook trout being caught.  If BOPRTA YEW is any indication than the trout population may be most or all of the way back.  The Mowinski crew caught 60 to 70 trout with Brent catching 20 of those Sunday morning alone.  He claims he caught 12 in a one hour period on a spinner and I am afraid I believe him.

September 27, 2015 - BOPRTA YEW
The tradition of a closing weekend of trout fishing has been firmly established by the Mowinski clan and friends.   Started in 1983 by a few diehards it has fittingly become a family tradition of the premiere fishing family of Meadowbrook, them darn Mowinskis.   Brent Mowinski was this winner this year with a total of 49 7/8 inches of trout.  You can enter one fish of each species and one kicker of any species.  Because of the large number of suckers and the inability of Jordan Brooks to catch any trout the Whistling Trout (Sucker) award was added in 2014.  This years proud winner was Steve McCoy with a 19 3/4 incher.  Note that Brent is holding the Opening Weekend Trophy because for the second consecutive year the previous year's winner forgot to bring their trophy.  No big deal as Eddie forgot to bring his fishing rods.

 BOPRTA YEW Past Winners
1983Ed Mowinski49 1/4 1998Ed Mowinski56 2013Ray Lee Mowinski52 1/4
1984Ed Mowinski46 1/2 1999Ed Mowinski49 1/4 2014Ryan Mowinski40 3/4
1985Jerry Horan47 2000Brent Mowinski50 3/4 2015Brent Mowinski 49 7/8 
1986Steve Bowyer48 3/4 2001No Event- 2016Brent Mowinski 51 1/4 
1987Steve Bowyer39 1/2 2002Brent Mowinski40 5/8 2017Bryce Mowinski 49 1/2 
1988Ed Mowinski42 1/2 2003Ray Lee Mowinski41 3/4 2018Ray Lee Mowinski 53 1/4 
1989Dave Bowyer46 2004Brent Mowinski53 2019  
1990Dave Bowyer43 1/2 2005Ray Lee Mowinski50 11/16 2020  
1991Steve Bowyer48 1/2 2006Brent Mowinski49 7/8 2021  
1992Ed Mowinski55 2007Ed Mowinski60 1/4 2022  
1993Dave Bowyer55 1/2 2008Brent Mowinski46 5/8 2023  
1994Ed Mowinski56 1/4 2009Ed Mowinski58 1/2 2024  
1995Steve Bowyer54 1/4 2010Brent Mowinski55 7/8 2025  
1996Ed Mowinski53 3/4 2011Brent Mowinski53 7/8 2026  
1997Ed Mowinski54 1/4 2012Ed Mowinski52 3/4 2027

April 26 2015 - The 71st Annual Opening Weekend at Meadowbrook on the Pine

And the tradition continues as the usual suspects gathered for a family tradition like no other.  The weather and fishing were just OK but the gathering of the Meadowbrook family was as always just spectacular.  Mike Bowyer not only won the trophy but announced he had just landed his dream job as an engineer for Hoyt Archery.  That was the good news.  The bad news was that the new job was in Utah. The new wiring was tested for the first time and everything worked.  See you at the 72nd.  

September 28, 2014 - BOPRTA YEW

Another trout season At Meadowbrook on the Pine has come to a close. The  relatively new tradition (30 years) of Boprta Yew has seen another Mowinski win the traveling trophy.  Of course most of the people attending are named Mowinski.  This year a new award, The Whistling Trout Award, was won by Bryce Mowinski with a 
19 1/4" sucker.   This win follows his first Opening Weekend win earlier in the year.  The real winner was Ryan Mowinski with a total of 40 3/4".  

April 27, 2014 - the 70th Annual Opening Weekend at Meadowbrook on the Pine

Bryce Mowinski got his first win at Opening Weekend this year.  He still has a way to go to match his brother's nine wins or his dad's eight wins.  Fishing was rather slow this year as only 15 or so trout were caught all weekend.  Cold water temperatures and last week's high water were widely believed to be the reasons for the relative limited number of fish caught.  The Mowinksi's did have a little trouble getting started Saturday because it seemed that sometime during the night before all of the handles on all of their rods had mysteriously been flipped to the opposite side.

April 28, 2013 - the 69th Annual Opening Weekend at Meadowbrook on the Pine

The 2013 Opening Weekend brought us great weather, good fishing, and an incredible ending.   Michael Bowyer was the early leader with a nice 18 1/4" Brown caught in First Hole on Saturday morning.  It looked like Mike would be the winner right up until 11:40 Sunday morning when Lisa Bowyer came up from the lower lawn with a 21 1/4" Brown caught in Stump Hole.  A fish that still had the hook and a length of monofilament in it's lip from Chris who had lost the fish minutes before Lisa landed it.  It was the third largest Opening Weekend winner in history.   On a side note that means that Lisa and her spouse have caught two out of three of the biggest Opening Weekend trophy winners.  I'm just saying.

September 30, 2012 - BOPRTA YEW

The winner of the 2012 BOPRTA YEW fishing contest is - Ed Mowinski

August 6, 2012 - Michael Bowyer Has This Spot

Michael Bowyer has a special spot somewhere on the property where he claims he almost always catches a nice fish.  Of course none of us really believed him as we all had fished the same spot with little or no success.  The author of this post hasn't caught one fish in this spot in the past 40 years.  Michael's response to this skepticism is to catch at least one fish there every time 
he is at Meadowbrook.  This week however he out did even his highest expectations.  On a sunny Sunday afternoon he called the cast before he made it and caught a 17 1/4" brown.  OK, so he was a little lucky on that one.  Just to prove his point he returned on Monday, another sunny midday fishing trip and caught a 19:" Brown.  I don't know about the rest of you but I am becoming a reluctant believer.  The fish are now mounted on a section of the old bridge and hang in the summer house living room.

April 29, 2012 the 68th Annual Opening Weekend at Meadowbrook on the Pine

Fishing was tough as the water was quite low and clear.  Brent Mowinski was the winner with a 14 1/2" Brown.

May 1, 2011 the 67th Annual Opening Weekend at Meadowbrook on the Pine

Brent Mowinski was the winner for the second straight year.  His 19" brown is the 6th largest fish to win the Opening Weekend contest.  Although the river was too high for wading many nice fish were landed from the bank.  There were in fact 22 trout 16" or larger caught during the weekend.  Cara Jellison caught a 16 1/2" brown on Sunday morning.  Eddie Mowinski, whom you will recall was skunked last year, caught 6 trout over 16 " from Old Maid's Hole before 10:00 am Saturday morning.  I think he felt he had something to prove.

September 26, 2010
 - Boprta-Yew (Brotherhood of Pine River Trout Anglers Year End Winner)

Some time in the early 1980's a small group of hardcore Meadowbrook Fisherman began a closing weekend of trout season contest.  The name , coined by Jerry Horan,
consists of the letters in Pat Bowyer who had recently passed away.  The original members were Jerry Horan, Dave Bowyer, Ed Mowinski, Mark Dennis, Steve Bowyer, Chris Halatek, and Timmy Burke.  Over the years it has evolved into a Mowinski family and friend contest and what could be more fitting for a serious fisherman's weekend.  The contest winner is determined by the total length of four fish - one brown, one rainbow, one brook, and one kicker of any species. This is a great time of year to fish as the fish usually cooperate and you have the river pretty much to yourself.  Although Brent Mowinski won the contest this year with a catch of 55 7/8 total inches the picture of Ed was included to make up for his Opening Weekend performance.  Also it is a pretty nice fish.

April 26, 2010 the 66th Annual Opening Weekend at Meadowbrook on the Pine

Brent Mowinski was the Opening Weekend trophy winner with a 17 3/4" brown caught Sunday morning, edging out Michael Bowyer and Rob Jellison who had both landed 16 1/2" browns on Saturday. Even more notable is the fact that Ed Mowinski was skunked this year for the first time anyone including Ed can remember.  We all feel bad.  A nice hatch of Hendrickson's was seen on Sunday and a number of fish were actively feeding on the surface.  The river was low and fairly clear especially for the Opener.

Meadowbrook Big Trout Logs

 Fisherman  DateSpecies  Size Location Method
1Kaitlyn Bowyer  5/3/2019Brown17 1/2" Stump Hole Night Crawler 
2Brent Mowinski5/4/2019Brown 19 1/4"Rainbow Bend Night Crawler 
3Mike Bowyer5/4/2019Rainbow 16"Stump HoleNight Crawler 
4Brent Mowinski 5/4/2019Brown17 1/4"Sand HoleNight Crawler 
5Chris Bowyer5/5/2019Brown17 1/2" Log Lam Night Crawler 
6Alex Gioiella6/15/2019Brown16 "Stump HoleNight Crawler
7 Patrick Webster6/15/2019Rainbow14" Stump Hole Night Crawler 
 8 Chad Haynor6/15/2019 Brown16 3/4" Stump Hole Night Crawler 

 Fisherman  DateSpecies  Size Location Method
1Kaitlyn Bowyer  5/4/2018 Brown17" First Hole Night Crawler 
2Brody Plawinski 5/4/2018Brown 16"First Hole Night Crawler 
3Ed Mowinski 5/4/2018Brown 20 1/4"Old Maid's Hole Night Crawler 
4 Ed Mowinski 5/4/2018Brown17"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler 
5Chris Bowyer5/5/2018 Brown19" Log Lam Night Crawler 
6Ed Mowinski 5/5/2018 Brown 17 1/2"  First HoleNight Crawler 
7Brent Mowinski 5/5/2018 Brown 16 1/2"  Stump HoleNight Crawler 
8Ben Bowyer 5/5/2018 Brown  16"Old Maid's Hole Night Crawler 
9Ben Bowyer 5/5/2018Brown 16" Stump Hole Night Crawler  
10 Jeff Horan 6/14/2018 Brown 19 1/2"Stump Hole Panther Martin 
11Becca Horan  6/14/2018Rainbow 15" Old Maid's Hole Panther Martin

 Fisherman Date  SpeciesSize LocationMethod 
1Lisa Bowyer5/6/2017 Brook 12"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
2Brent Mowinski 5/6/2017 Brown 18"  Above Rainbow BendMepp's Spinner
3Brent Mowinski 5/6/2017Brown 17"Above Rainbow BendMepp's Spinner

 Fisherman Date  SpeciesSize LocationMethod 
1Brent Mowinski5/7/2016 Brown 16"Guest Cabin RunPanther Martin
2Brent Mowinski 5/7/2016 Brown 17 1/2"  Guest Cabin RunPanther Martin 
3Lisa Bowyer  8/27/2016Rainbow 14" Stump Hole Night Crawler 
 4John Storey 9/17/2016 Rainbow 20" Sand Hole Night Crawler 
 5Ed Mowinski 9/24/1016 Rainbow 14"First Hole Night Crawler 
6Ed Mowinski 9/29/2016 Brown 16"Old Maid's Hole Night Crawler 
 7Ed Mowinski9/29/2016 Brown 17" Old Maid's Hole Night Crawler 
 8Ed Mowinski 9/30/2016 Rainbow 14"Rainbow Bend Night Crawler 

 Fisherman Date  SpeciesSize LocationMethod 
Michael Bowyer 4/25/2015 Brown  17 "First Hole Night Crawler 

 FishermanDateSpeciesSize Location Method
1Bryce Mowinski4/26/2014Brown18 3/4"Stump HoleNight Crawler
2Brent Mowinski4/26/2014Brown16"Rainbow BendNight Crawler
3Brent Mowinski4/26/2014Rainbow15"Rainbow BendNight Crawler
4Brent Mowinski4/27/2014Brown17 1/2"Guest Cabin RunNight Crawler
5Ed Mowinski4/26/2014Brown18 1/4"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
6Ed Mowinski 4/26/2014Rainbow15 1/2"Guest Cabin RunNight Crawler
7Ed Mowinski4/26/2014Brown16"Sand HoleNight Crawler
8Ed Mowinski4/26/2014Brown17"Sand HoleNight Crawler
9Steve Bowyer5/29/2014Brown17"Stump HoleElk Hair Caddis
10Annie Halatek  7/1/2014 Brown17 1/2" Stump Hole Night Crawler 
11Bernie McCoy 9/26/2014  Rainbow15 1/2" Stump Hole  Night Crawler 

 FishermanDateSpeciesSize Location Method
1Michael Bowyer4/27/2013Brown18 1/4"First HoleNight Crawler
2Chris Bowyer4/27/2013Brown16"First HoleNight Crawler
3Brent Mowinski4/27/2013Brown17 3/4"Guest Cabin RunSpinner
4Brent Mowinski4/27/2013Brown17 1/2"Stump HoleNight Crawler
5Michael Bowyer4/27/2013Rainbow14"Stump HoleNight Crawler
6Lisa Bowyer 4/28/2013Brown21 1/4"Stump HoleNight Crawler
7Annie Halatek7/1/2013Brown17 1/2"Stump HoleNight Crawler
8Chris Halatek 7/5/2013 Brown 17"Stump HoleNight Crawler
9Cam Storey 7/8/2013 Rainbow 16"First HoleNight Crawler
10 Cam Storey 7/8/2013 Brown 17 1/2"Sand HoleNight Crawler

 FishermanDateSpeciesSize Location Method
1Michael Bowyer6/4/2012Rainbow14"Old Maid's HoleDry Fly
2Matt Schwarze7/6/2012Brown16"Log JamNight Crawler
3Michael Bowyer8/3/2012Rainbow14 3/4"Stump HoleNight Crawler
4Michael Bowyer8/5/2012Brown17 1/4"Herm's RockNight Crawler
5Michael Bowyer8/6/2012Brown19"Herm's RockNight Crawler
6Michael Bowyer8/7/2012Rainbow14 1/2"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
7David Fansler9/16/2012Rainbow17"Sand HoleNight Crawler
8Jordan Brooks 9/29/2012 Brown16"Sand HoleNight Crawler

 FishermanDateSpeciesSize Location Method
1Ed Mowinski4/30/2011Brown18"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
2Ed Mowinski4/30/2011Brown18"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
3Ed Mowinski4/30/2011Brown18"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
4Ed Mowinski4/30/2011Brown18"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
5Ed Mowinski4/30/2011Rainbow16 1/2"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
6Ed Mowinski4/30/2011Brown17 1/2"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
7Ed Mowinski4/30/2011Brown17 1/2"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
8Ed Mowinski4/30/2011 Brown17"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
9Ed Mowinski4/30/2011Brown17"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
10Ed Mowinski4/30/2011 Brown17 1/2" First Hole Night Crawler
11Ben Bowyer4/30/2011 Brown18" Stump HoleNight Crawler
12Michael Bowyer4/30/2011 Brown17 3/4" Stump Hole Night Crawler
13Brent Mowinski4/30/2011 Brown19" Rainbow Bend Night Crawler
14Brent Mowinski4/30/2011 Brown17" Log Jam Night Crawler
15Brent Mowinski4/30/2011 Brown17 1/2" Log Jam Night Crawler
16Brent Mowinski4/30/2011 Rainbow 15" Rainbow Bend Night Crawler
17Brent Mowinski4/30/2011 Brown 16" Rainbow Bend Night Crawler
18Brent Mowinski4/30/2011 Brown 17" Rainbow Bend Night Crawler
19Brent Mowinski4/30/2011 Brown 18" Rainbow Bend Night Crawler
20Cara Jellison5/1/2011 Brown  16 1/2"Stump HoleNight Crawler
21Brent Mowinski5/1/2011Brown 16" Stump HoleNight Crawler
22Brent Mowinski5/1/2011 Brown 17 1/2"Rainbow BendNight Crawler
23Brent Mowinski 5/1/2011 Brown 18" Rainbow BendNight Crawler
24Michael Bowyer5/13/2011Brown 16 3/4"Stump HoleNight Crawler
25Michael Bowyer5/14/2011Brown 17 3/4"First HoleNight Crawler
26Michael Bowyer5/14/2011Rainbow 14"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
27Lisa Bowyer6/9/2011 Brown 16 1/2"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
28Mark Dennis6/13/2011 Rainbow 16"Above Rainbow BendNymph 
29Michael Bowyer7/17/2011 Brown  17 1/2"Herm's RockNight Crawler
30Matt Schwarze 9/16/2011 Brown 18"Guest Cabin RunPanther Martin 

 FishermanDateSpeciesSize Location Method
1Michael Bowyer4/24/2010Brown 16 1/2"First HoleNight Crawler
2Rob Jellison4/24/2010 Brown16 1/2"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
3Brent Mowinski4/25/2010 Brown17 3/4"Stump HoleNight Crawler
4Lisa Bowyer4/25/2010 Brown16 1/4"Old Maid's HoleNight Crawler
5Annie Halatek7/7/2010Rainbow15 1/2"Stump HoleNight Crawler
6Michael Bowyer 9/3/2010Rainbow14 1/2"Clay SlipNight Crawler
7Steve McCoy9/25/2010Brown20 1/2"Stump HoleNight Crawler
8Jordan Brooks9/25/2010Brown17"Clay SlipNight Crawler