SYLLABUS for 9th Grade Literature and Composition

9th Grade Literature and Composition

Course Syllabus Fall 2012

Chamblee Charter High School


Teacher:  Ms. Beth Alexander 
Phone:  678-676-7081
Room:  Modular 2A
Tutorial Days:  Monday or Thursday
Tutorial Hours:  7:30 am or 3:30 pm
Textbook:   Prentice Hall Literature, Grade 9 Penguin Edition                                                         
Reimbursement cost ($60.97)                  


Course Description:  This is one of two theme-related, literature-based, integrated courses, providing students an opportunity to read extensively while strengthening skills in composition through literary study.  Students become familiar with a wide range of literary forms, themes, cultures, and periods, with a concentration on poetry and drama this semester.  They analyze various works of literature through oral discussions and in written compositions.


They compose the various types of composition using different methods of development for various purposes and audiences, building to longer compositions and research projects using technology.  The basic tools needed for research writing are introduced.  These include writing a thesis statement, making an outline, locating resources, preparing bibliography and note cards, paraphrasing resource materials, and documenting sources using the MLA format.  Teachers also emphasize standardized test preparation, vocabulary skills, and reference skills.  At least three outside readings (novels) are required during this course.


GPS Standards:   Georgia Performance Standards will be taught during this course.  See attached page for list of Standards.


Units of Study:

·       Unit 1

·       Unit 2

·       Unit 3

·       Novels:  Of Mice and Men, 

                      To Kill A Mockingbird,
·       Grammar:  Students will participate in grammar practice every day


(Students will be issued each novel to read; however, students are encouraged to purchase their own copy of each novel so they can highlight and make marginal notes.  In case these novels aren’t available at the time needed, I will make appropriate substitutions.)



Grading Scale:                                                A            90 – 100   Excellent

                                                                                B            80 – 89     Good

                                                                                C            71 – 79         Fair

                                                                                D            70                Passing

                                                                                F             69 – below  Failing


Grading  Area                                                 Percentage

 Classwork /Daily Work/ Quizzes                  25%

Composition / Projects                                     30%

Tests / Assessments                                          30%

Final Exam                                                         15%



Required Materials:  Come prepared every day with paper, pen, and textbook!

·                   3-ring binder with loose leaf paper

·                   Composition Notebook (graded every 4.5 weeks)

·                   Pocket folders for writing projects

·                   Blue or black ink pens


Classroom Expectations:

·        Make restroom visits before coming to class.

·        Be in the room and ready to work by the time the bell rings. There will be “warm-

        up” work on the board for you when you walk in.  Take your seat and get started

        without delay.

·        Be prepared with all necessary materials.

·        Respect the thoughts and ideas of your peers, so that we may have open

       communication (no putdowns, no name-calling, no derogatory comments,

       no ridicule, no vulgar language).

·        Practice classroom civility by raising your hand and waiting to be recognized

       before speaking.  We do not shout out or talk over either your teacher or your


·        If you come to the door after the class has started, a tardy slip will be required to


·          NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES – phones, mp3s, etc. will be taken and turned in to administration.  If you have a phone on you, the county policy states that it must be turned off in the classroom.  If I see your phone or see you looking at it, I will take it:  DeKalb County School policy.

·        No food or drinks are allowed in class, except for water in a clear container.

·       No hats should be worn in the hallway or classrooms.  No brushes, combs, mirrors or cosmetics should be used or on display in the classroom.


Late Assignments:  Major assignments such as essays and projects will be accepted one day late. Please note that following the second day, students can earn a maximum of 70% on the assignment.   Classwork/ homework will not be accepted late unless is it a draft for an essay.


 Make-up Policy:  It is the responsibility of each student to make up missed assignments in case of an absence.  If you are absent on a day an assignment is due, it is due immediately upon your return.  If the absence is excused, the assignment will lose no points.


Re-do Policy:  If a student has a question about a grade, I encourage him/her to discuss this with me before or after school.  Students may be asked to re-do a composition assignment in order to help him/her understand more fully the writing process and correct grammar use.