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Getting Started

1. Please see Chris Silva to obtain a lab key (Thomas 208).
2. Labs will begin the week of April 8th, 2013. Schedules will be posted on the first week of classes.
3. Prelabs are to be completed in your lab notebooks by the time you first meet the TA in charge of your experiment.
4. Please contact Juan to set up your SEM schedule if you are doing the Stress/Strain experiment.

Error Analysis

Notes on error analysis are now posted under Lab Manual.

Lab Groups and Schedule

Lab groups and the schedule are now posted under Lab Groups & Schedule.

More on Error Propagation

A new document with a sample application of error propagation is now posted under Lab Manual. While it is an example of error propagation for the Stress-Strain lab, this should help you identify the kind of measurements and uncertainties that are expected in your lab reports.